Gamespot Hands-On: Halo 3 co-op

Microsoft and Bungie had a treat in store for journalists attending a Halo 3 event held in Sydney, Australia, today--some hands-on time with the single-player portion of the game (on a new map to boot), plus the chance to try out the game's co-op feature.

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Odion3746d ago

Man do i want to play.

And the fact that their having this kind of fun in what is pretty much said by Bungie to be the Warthog training level is even more freaking amazing.

antonius863746d ago

I'd rather look at new images and videos rather than reading someone else's experience.

I'm glad that they put the co-op thing in thats would be awesome.

LosT---SouL3746d ago

you havnt even played it yet >.>

Keyser3746d ago

Bubble for Tech77 for cracking me up!! Nelson is hilarious!!!!!

boi3746d ago

yea my friend pre-ordered his and his getting that helmet along with it lol

SonyDefenseForce3746d ago

my heart is going to Burst just thinking about this Game

boi3746d ago

Well I just can't wait to play Halo 3 co-op! HELLL YES!!!

SonyDefenseForce3746d ago

HEAR I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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