Rockstar Toronto reportedly worked on a 1960s gang game

Some details have arisen on an unreleased project Rockstar Toronto project along with some info on the studio's history, mainly with the development of The Warriors.

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Natsu X FairyTail2997d ago

MAFIA sandbox game ripoff incoming !

zootang2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

PS3 exclusive Agent?

Hades13372997d ago

and Rockstar North are making that.

HebrewHammer2997d ago

AGENT was kinda announced prematurely lol This wait is agrivating!

Red_Orange_Juice2997d ago

Rockstar Toronto is red, Rockstar North is blue

zootang2996d ago

Could they not be giving a little help, Geez!

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MicroSony4Life2997d ago

Did not even know gangs were around in the 60's - Mafia's and rebel hippies maybe but gangs?

kaveti66162997d ago

Gangs have been an integral part of society since the creation of society.

Society itself is a gang.

JoeReno2997d ago

WestSide Story the game, part open world, part Dance Dance Rev, and sing star.

Its going to be epic

Focker-4202997d ago

Agent is a spy espionage game set in the 70's.

What ever happened to LA Noire?? Its been months since I've heard anything about it.

Motorola2997d ago

Mafia 2 was set to take place in the 40s. However it turned out to stretch to the 50s too. Still can be agent..

DrillaKid2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

LA Noire is being made by Team Bondi, an Australian indy dev; R* are publishing the game but it's taking ages to make prbably because they are being too ambitious for a small, newly set up studio.

Harry1902997d ago

that they had a studio in Toronto.

UltimateSin2997d ago

It's not directly in Toronto. It's in Oakville, a city just south of Toronto. It's just known as Rockstar Toronto.

Harry1902997d ago

I know where Oakville is. However, I wasn't even aware that they had a studio in the province. I knew about the one in Vancouver. Had no idea they had 2 in Canada.

Dave13512997d ago

lol they have a rockstar in canada? XD i wont be expecting any violent shooters from them

joypads2997d ago

RoackStar are simply the best when it comes to making these types of games.

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The story is too old to be commented.