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Troll_Police2943d ago

Man down! Quick, someone call 911!

PS3-2472943d ago

LOL there are some funny PS3 gamers on this site.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2943d ago

*pulls out marker and draws a big black penis on frank's forehead*


@OT some of these pics are old, some new.

house2943d ago

even if there old there still mind blowing

Cloudberry2943d ago

Prior to the new video / trailers of TGS, I assume...

ArchangelMike2943d ago

I don't know of another game that looks as gritty as Killzone3! While I'm also psyked for COD:BO, the truth is that it looks exactly the same as COD4 and MW2. Crysis 2 and Halo Reach look good as well, but IMO they have too much of a clean, almost anasthetic art style to them. I prefer the grittiness of Killzone 2/3 and the sense that you are in a raging warzone.

redsquad2943d ago

As odd as it sounds, they've made war 'beautiful'...

CaliGamer2943d ago

Seriously, I think we should be seriously impressed. 1st day for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.