You Don’t Earn Black Ops Killstreaks as You Level, You Buy Them with Call of Duty Cash

Okay, I noticed in the create a class trailer that aired last night for Black Ops that there was a screen where the killstreaks were listed, and I thought that for simplicity’s sake, I’d relist them here. Most of these I think gamers already know about, but there were a few I hadn’t heard of, so maybe it’s new to you too. Also, something interesting to be noted is that these killstreaks are not unlocked by leveling up like MW2; they’re bought, presumably with the cash from wagers and matches. A couple didn’t have their price listed in the video, but they could be assumed by nearby streaks with the same kill requirements. Here are what I presume to be all the Black Ops killstreaks, and their kill requirements and prices.

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gypsygib3022d ago

I'm done buying COD games, I'll rent it for the SP cause that's always fun...short but fun. Better MP elsewhere IMO.

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