Criterion will return to Burnout franchise

Fans of the Burnout series need not worry that we’ve seen the last of it, with Criterion strongly indicating there will be another game coming soon.

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YESS! I can't wait for the next one.

StanRaimondi3023d ago

Agreed cant wait for the next one me and my oldest child loves the burnout series

gtsentry3023d ago

how is there a disagree tu this statement

djfullshred3023d ago

trolls exist on every forum.

AssassinHD3023d ago

Don't worry about the disagree fairies. They are angry at their father, not you.

skyblue142133023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Based on my observation of the first 2 posts getting the same amount of disagrees for no reason, my best guess would be a multiple account phantom disagree-er.

fafoon3023d ago

I'll still be Busy with GT5

Minimox163023d ago

Yeah me too, but still I want a new burnout i already got the 98 trophies for the first game :D.

Evildoomnerd3023d ago

but am I the only one who wants a BLACK sequel?

Danja3023d ago

No You are not... hopefully they get around to making this game


Burnout is awesome plain and simple and this news is awesome put over 800 hours into paradise will be doing the same with the next burnout :D

Si-Fly3023d ago

800 hours? I put 200 into Forza and thought that was obscene, 800 hours is pretty ridiculous!


Maybe but thats what happens when you have nothing to do after work and then you have people playing it when your at work my 57 year grandad still plays it now just adding to the hours :)

Si-Fly3023d ago

Get a girlfriend then try and put 800 hours into a game lol!


I did not have a girlfriend at the time good sir :) now i do and barely touch my ps3 or xbox :(

Si-Fly3023d ago

I know the feeling buddy! Been trying to finish a level on lbp for the last 6 months but it's hard when you're in a relationship! What's your psn? Send me a pm.

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The story is too old to be commented.