GGL to Power Online Tournaments on PS3

One common complaint about the PlayStation 3 remains its lack of online gaming prowess. Whereas Xbox 360 offers many head-to-head gaming experiences over a broadband connection, the PlayStation 3 competition essentially has none. Help appeared today as Sony Computer Entertainment America announced a new agreement where the GGL will produce several live online PS3 gaming tournaments.

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THE_JUDGE3987d ago

Freaking sweet, but what the hell is GGL?

KeMoBLUE3987d ago

it sucks seeing as i can't fly. i already live in NYC.

Darkiewonder3987d ago

They was doing a Resistance Tournament?!

I must have been out of loop to NOT know about it.

segasage3987d ago

doing anything for themselves, it seems like their whole network will be OUTSOURCED.

Not that it's a bad thing but Sony can't afford to maintain their own infrastructure, since it is free.

Is this similar to steam?

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