New Leaked Halo 3 Screens from Australia

Here are some newly Halo 3 Screens from Australia. The screens are of low quality but new areas are shown in the screens including a new enemy.

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Primal Rex4052d ago

i only see Drones and they are not new they where in halo 2.

pp4051d ago

this is going to have the best graphics and will be the best game on any console

Meus Renaissance4051d ago

The funny thing is, someone actually agreed with him :)

Daxx4051d ago

Well it's not like it's going to be a sh*tty game with sh*tty graphics. (some would disagree with me though v_v)

Meus Renaissance4051d ago

I'm not saying it wont have the visual power, but to say it'll be the best looking game ever? lol

VirusE4051d ago

I personally think the graphics look great but i guess i am alone. The first pic with the dead arbiter and the brute chopper looks real nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.