Square Enix Unveils Next Generation Game Engine: Luminous

Andriasang writes: "CEDEC development session outlines broad goals of next gen tech from RPG giant."

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Cloudberry3029d ago


Wonder how it would displayed compare to Crystal Tools.

-Ikon-3029d ago

SE spending more time on graphics then game play,or taking time out to render full citys in HD. But ya we know that wont happen they said it them selves takes to long, and to much work..

TrueStoryGuy3029d ago

Title should read "Current generation". It's been current gen now, for over 4 years.

Godmars2903029d ago

In which case, considering their current rep, the fact that FFXIIvs is under development with current tools, they shouldn't be talking about their "next step."

raWfodog3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

No. It's the next generation engine, not platform. Every new tech that comes out is going to be the 'next' generation.

It even said in the article that a follow up report can be expected in about two years.

siyrobbo3029d ago

is this proper next gen or next gen for people who dont know what the word 'next' means?

-chaz-3029d ago

Let's see if they tease gamers with even higher-res footage of FFVII...

Omega Zues3029d ago

I can almost see it happening.

-Gespenst-3029d ago

I'm gonna go out on a limb here. Is this Chaz from the App? Nero here haha.

ZombieAutopsy3029d ago

You know it's gonna happen, I don't see SE bustin' out a FF7 remake though until they are hurting for cash.

Godmars2903029d ago

No matter how much they're talking it up now, its at least two years from even being seen, much less released.

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The story is too old to be commented.