Capcom will always be hardcore, says Inafune

Move and Kinect may be almost upon us, but Capcom won't be rushing out to embrace the world of casual gaming any time soon.

R&D chief Keiji Inafune has told that the company will resolutely stick to its tradition of producing challenging, hardcore games - no matter what happens elsewhere in the industry.

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KratosGirI3023d ago

That's good to here!

Now get back to working on Megaman Legends 3, Inafune.

Natsu X FairyTail3023d ago

Megaman Legends 3 action packed like Vanquish with COLORFUL palettes with Anime style Cell shading and RPG elements!!!

A man can only dream.

Smokeeye1233023d ago

"Oft-Requested Game" will probably be revealed at TGS in 2 weeks...If it's Megaman 11 or a new Battle Network game, I'll explode in anger.

DelbertGrady3023d ago

An interactive novel that explores the intricate persona of Megaman. WOW!

Corrwin3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Good old CAPCOM.

It's kind of sad we still rely on them for the staples of several genre.

mrmikew20183023d ago

So true bro, Capcom has disappointed their fanbase entirely too much this gen. They should've made some new IPs by now instead of Dead Rising and Lost Planet and it sends chills down my spine hearing what they're going to do with the next DMC. But we will have to wait and see. I wouldn't mind if they bring the Onimusha series, that will be cool.

HOSe3023d ago

hardcore? cool - give me powerstone 3

dredgewalker3023d ago

Sure, but knowing Capcom they are already makig games for both Move and Kinect if these devices rake in tons of cash. I know Capcom wouldn't be able to resist capitalizing on them if both sold millions. Oh and wasn't Capcom one of the first to make Resident Evil compatible with the Move? Isnt that considered rushing in?

edhe3023d ago

Urrr... try good games ?

That might help.

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The story is too old to be commented.