Paper Battery Offers Future Power

Flexible paper batteries could meet the energy demands of the next generation of gadgets, says a team of researchers.
They have produced a sample slightly larger than a postage stamp that can store enough energy to illuminate a small light bulb.

But the ambition is to produce reams of paper that could one day power a car.

Professor Robert Linhardt, of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, said the paper battery was a glimpse into the future of power storage.

The team behind the versatile paper, which stores energy like a conventional battery, says it can also double as a capacitor capable of releasing sudden energy bursts for high-power applications.

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ZombiesNJ4021d ago

...they can use them for laptops. I really wish we had batteries that lasted 8-12 hours....and for MP3 Players and Phones.

Vip3r4021d ago

And the PSP too. THe battery goes down on that even when it's off. But I guess that's because of keeping the time and date.

Yosking4021d ago

This is cool, this would be very good on laptops and MIT is working on wireless electricity. We will problably see this 20 years from now.

gano4021d ago

Damn. Is this cat serious, PAPER BATTERIES! Man i feel old now.