Jack Thompson's sights set on BioShock now?

Things have been remarkably quiet on the Jack Thompson front recently; hell, what with GTA IV held back until next year and Manhunt 2 currently trying to appeal its unrated classification from the BBFC, you'd think he'd be sitting back, sipping on some margaritas and psyching himself up for a new year chock full of violent digital atrocities to campaign against. But no, it seems that Thompson's crusade knows no rest – the lawyer recently revealed in a comment on Game Politics that his sights are now set on BioShock.

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BrainDrain4054d ago

Jack needs to do the world a favor and just drop dead.

Vip3r4054d ago

It's always the good games he tries to ban. He really needs to get this priorities sorted out and let people play whatever games they want without him acting like a deprived child seeking attention.

ALI-G4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

why? the man want to get publicity and fame the only way he can do is by PUTTING HIS NOSE IN HIGH PROFILE DEVLOPER [email protected]@s.

FreeMonk4054d ago

If the screwball is attacking a completly underwater fantasy game like Bioshock, then he'll have to ban games like:

Stranglehold (lots of guns, violence and realistic body shots)
Heavenly Sword (big swords chopping up people)
Killzone (FPS with big guns and bullets killing people)
Loco Roco 2 (killing little yellow blobs by accident may cause kids to throw there yellow joindus brother out the window)

Jack is just aliening Take Two because they got that law suit against him. He's holding a grudge, and If I was Take Two, I'd sue his ass again for stalking!

Lakuspakus4054d ago

Haha, no dont die! Please! I need someone to make me laugh!

BIadestarX4054d ago

What do you expect? Didn't you know that he is now a Sony fanboy? The Rumor is... he is one of the Sony fanboys posting in this site... I think I have an Idea who he can be...

PlayStation3604054d ago

Fanboy's (360 and PS3) may be annoying. But there is no need to insult any one by comparing them to this guy. Keep the attacks above the equator. lol

Figboy4054d ago

i've *GIVEN you the benefit of the doubt, but it's official: you are a retarded douche. your anti-Sony sentiment isn't even based in *LOGIC or *REASON"! seriously, enough is enough, dude.

welcome to my ignore list! your friends, The Mart, Bloodmask, and a few others are waiting for you!

AngryHippo4054d ago a complete idiot. He needs to realise these are videogames, get a life and stop trying to ban games, go try and do something worthwhile like BrainDrain said and drop dead. I don't understand, its an 18, what is the deal, films that are far more violent are an 18 and don't get banned. Just [email protected] off and let adults play adult video games.

Whoooop4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

He won't get far with this one..

He just need to keep in game, because his two primary targets are not in the picture right now, so he decided to take it on Bioshock..

Nothing to get alarmed about..

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The story is too old to be commented.