Medal of Honor Marketing Strategy - Show Uncut Unedited Gameplay

In a marketing strategy, EA plans on releasing several videos for single and multiplayer that are uncut and unedited. They hope that by doing this, they can show players exactly what they can expect on October 12th when the game releases. It will be interesting to see how it works in comparison to Black Ops, who has several videos that show quick

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xxxAnubisxxx3025d ago

I'd say Activision is winning the marketing campaign for sure

miguelcoma3025d ago

Has anyone else seen the guy flying? 1:18 - 1:20?

FragGen3025d ago

Really, I'm surprised because Activision are so hated and COD is such an easy target, but I'd have to agree. The more I see about Black Ops (Zombie mode, Bots, No more nuke kill streak, dogs, RC) makes me want it more.

The more I see regarding MOH, the less compelling it seems. The DICE BFBC2 engine does not seem to be used to its best effect as a MW2 knock off, it seems, and the MP game-play looks undistinguished. The single player still has potential but the marketing has been sort of uneven there and straight up FPS's live or die by online modes so that's really no likely to make it a big contender regardless.

yarbie10003025d ago

anyone else think the machine gun fire looks like bolts of mustard?

BLuKhaos3025d ago

You can thank that POS Unreal Engine 3 for that.

CaliGamer3025d ago

Can't deny that I am looking forward to seeing how this game turns out even with the bad taste of MW2 lingering.
Looks cool.

gtsentry3025d ago

everytime i see a gameplay of this game i want it less,its nice but nothing killzone,halo,or blak ops

raztad3025d ago

BO? that game doesnt look any different from this one.

Baka-akaB3025d ago

Seriously , if not impressed by MOH (i feel the same anyway) , i dont get how one can be in turn impressed by BO ... Gameplay quality asides , but are roughly on the same level .

And Bo doesnt even look that much different from mw2 ..

yarbie10003025d ago

Activision is def winning

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The story is too old to be commented.