New Killzone 3 screens show fists flying around

Gamersmint : We have lots of new screenshots of Killzone 3 and they show some brutal melee combat action. With snow falling in the backdrop, these action-packed screens look gorgeous to say the least.

One of these screenshots has a Helghast flying into the air after getting punched in the face which looks eerily similar to a move, one of the most iconic fighting characters...

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cyborg2697d ago

That dude with the knife looks like he means business!

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frankymv2697d ago

<<screams uncontrollably>>

redDevil872697d ago

*joins in and jumps around*

fafoon2697d ago

It looks like The Matrix

GusBricker2697d ago

...with Halo's gameplay and Killzone's graphics.

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GusBricker2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Killzone fanboys incoming!

To each their own!

Happy gaming!

raztad2697d ago


Let me rephrase frankymv comment in a non fanboyist way. I prefer KZ3 to play like KZ. No offense to anyone preferences.

GusBricker2697d ago

But I actually wasn't talking about replacing Killzone's gameplay with Halo's.

I was just imagining Halo's smoothness and Killzone's graphic power. It would make for an amazing game.

nycredude2697d ago

As long as Halo is exclusive to the 360 you can keep dreaming of this level of fidelity.

WoshJills2696d ago

It could happen since Bungie will be developing games for PlayStation after Halo: Reach.

Bioshock on PS3
Mass Effect 2 on PS3
Bungie on PS3
Epic Games on PS3
Valve on PS3

negative2697d ago

"Now imagine a game...
...with Halo's gameplay and Killzone's graphics."

Agreed. Though Reach's graphics are much improved over Halo 3's.

Halo > Killzone

Though maybe this Killzone won't disappoint like the last did.

8-bit2697d ago

Speak for yourself man, I wasn't the slightest bit disappointed.

Also Killzone > Halo. Reach isn't out yet and it doesn't look as good as Killzone 2 (about two years old) let alone 3 when it's released (CAN'T WAIT!)

popoyo2697d ago

halo reach is a game obsolet, for idiots and noobs, lego star wars have best gameplay que halo reach


Sounds boring.

I prefer Killzone with PS Move, that's a better gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.