Sony Launches $100M HDNA Ad Campaign

Sony Electronics is set to launch a 100M ad campaign in order to promote what they are calling HDNA - a combination of high definition (HD) and DNA. The campaign will focus on education public about Sony high definition products, including Sony Blu-ray players, and how they all integrate to provide the ultimate high definition experience.

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LOFT3164052d ago

you plough 100m into the ps store and if you had'nt made a balls up of the ad campaign the first time round you could be spending 100m on better things

scoobysnacks4052d ago

is more than just the Playstation brand, they make tv’s, hi-fi, dvd recorder’s, blu-ray players, mobile phones, etc. Add to that a major film studio, pioneering an HD format in blu-ray, which if it can become the format of choice will make them an even bigger film studio, with control of how HD is distributed to the home market. So it’s in their interest to make sure Blu-ray is a success, as one of the biggest area’s for competition now is the HD market, so to help with the current situation of most people not that aware of what HD offers, they’ll try and educate them. Clearly your in need of some of this education yourself.

junk564052d ago

good job for sony i guess. they should start getting the public to know about bluray and HD to increase the gap between the two formats

LOFT3164052d ago

you have truly educated me i am humbled i aint been on this planet for long and was'nt aware of the sony products i only have a ps3 a sony tv and so on and on but my gripe was aimed at our europeian p s store and the stupid ad campaign we got over here in the good old uk anyone who has seen them both would agree but i'm with you on the other stuff a lot of people don't realise the potential of the PS3 and if any one need educating its the xbox fanboys

scoobysnacks4051d ago

Sorry there Loft316, replied rather quick there in a stressful few minutes at work, (316 in your moniker at a quick glance made me think 360), and that you might be one of these "xbox fanboys" who was trolling, and as you state some Xbox fanboys need educating.

Of course you know of Sony and their multitude of products. As a fellow gamer from the UK, I have to agree with you on the adverts Sony have used for Europe, complete at utter rubbish, too obscure and pretentious. The adverts needed to be just be straightforward showing what the PS3 can do. Perhaps part of their 100m campaign will be to show the HD capabilities of the PS3.

mikeslemonade4051d ago

Finally, this will counter MS's 1 billion dollar ad campaign. All the commercials you see on TV are either MS exclusive or multiplatform.