Madden 11 Shows EA's Lack of Innovation and Greed

"Fall is approaching and that means two things; the kids are back in school and EA Sports is going sell a butt-load of absolute regurgitated garbage to gamers. While that might sound cynical, it comes from someone who’s been playing the series since the game was on the Sega Genesis. So with another release comes another dumbed-down edition of videogame football that makes it possible for completely new players to be competitive against diehards. Of course the diehards of Madden football now are pretty much fratboys and, if ESPN’s specials are to be believed, the MOST urban white boys you’ve ever seen. So to fit in, we’ve thrown on our over-sized jersey of teams we have no affiliation with from areas we’d never walk through at night, practiced sounding as ghetto as possible and took to playing Madden 11 online for our review. The question is whether or not we talked trash or if we were playing it. Aww snap!"

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GunShotEddy3027d ago

Who is surprised by this? It's EA and it's Madden. You almost always pay 60+ bucks for a roster update.

da305kratos3027d ago

there should be a new Madden every 2 madden one year, and pay something like $15 dollar the next season for weekly roster updates

charlescox43027d ago

wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG!

StitchJones3027d ago

Until there is a mass boycott of the game. They will keep doing it. So many people are just plain ignorant about these things. DONT BUY IT IF YOU DONT SUPPORT IT. Don't buy the game then bitch because EA got your money.

mrcash3027d ago

Real madden fans don't complain about EA getting their money, its only the people on these news sites that don't even play the game.Its easy to nit pick and not see a difference when all you do is play a demo or listen to what people post on here. Take time to learn the game and really play it and you can definitely see the improvements from year to year. Is it worth 60$ imo no, but to many folks it is, I don't know why everyone is soo adamant about telling people not to buy it. This is the game that helps EA fund their other franchises.

I HARLEM I3027d ago


punisher993027d ago

@I HARLEM I: And I actually couldn't agree with you more too.

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