Level 5 making a game that will create a new genre for PS3/PSP - Rumor

Seems a preliminary list of RPG's to show at the Tokyo Game Show compiled by RPGFan denotes a few Level 5 titles, one of which has yet to claim a title of its own. The interesting thing is the description released in the game listing: "set to create a new genre". That's pretty ambitious.

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TriggerHappy3930d ago

Am very interested in this ! a new genre will be very welcome, just hope it does not suck.

InMyOpinion3930d ago

Let's hope it's more than a way to create hype.

Relientk773930d ago

is it gonna create an entirely new genre or alter a current genre?

from the pic it looks kinda RPGish

GoLeafsGo3930d ago

The pic is from White Knight Story...

Relientk773930d ago

thanx i didnt kno.. this could be a totally new genre then

Maldread3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

But with no indication to what it might be (although that could be hard seeing as it`s something "completly new") it`s a bit hard to get excited, even though Level 5 is a great developer.

Bebedora3930d ago

I have my hopes high when it comes to Level 5.

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The story is too old to be commented.