Black Ops Killstreak Bonuses Revealed

XG247: Yesterday was the Black Ops Media reveal for all their Multiplayer goodness, It was hosted in L.A and a bunch of global press were flown over to check out the latest incarnation of Call of Duty multiplayer. We got inside intelligence of the killstreak bonuses which were available in the preview build. We go their names for you, you’ll have to imagine what they do for yourself.

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fafoon3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

You Tired ?
Anyways were's the Piss Napalm Kill Streak

Acquiescence3002d ago

When it comes to Call Of Duty, who isn't?

Apart from all the foul-mouthed little toerags who want to get their next serving of forbidden fruit of course.

Fred-G-Sanford3002d ago

I have a feeling that I will be all smiles the first time I lay down a "Napalm Strike".

Winter47th3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

My only concern is with the RC car @ 3 killstreaks, in a 23 player match it's gonna be pretty hectic unless there's a limit to how many RCs can be deployed in the battlefield.

Also, less AI killstreaks would be nice. But I'm already happy that the KSs don't add up to another KS.

The Attack Dogs in WAW were a damn nightmare to snipers and campers, glad to see' em making a return.

They better fix the spawn points for the Chopper Gunner, having the casualties respawn in the same position over and over was unfair.

Black Ops just got up from fu#% Activision to Treyarch deserve my money on my shit-o-meter.

0mega43002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

grr just cause you could shoot the dogs they still were not easy to avoid.

and think about the repercussion of having this as such a low killstreak for a more tactical game like search&destroy

if for say a team went instead of uav which i presume is another 3 killstreak again went cameras which take up your minimap and rc cars

they wouldnt even have to move they could just scout you with the cars and pick off a couple unsuspecting people

i think as far as cod returning to its roots will never happen the game has become a mainstream and much more casual game than ever before which may not be bad for some

and awesome one of the most op kilstreak is now only 9 kills Chopper Gunner

Hideo_Kojima3002d ago

Call me a noob or whatever but I really like CoD games... but those killstreaks dont seem that great.

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Lifendz3002d ago

IF there's no nuke. The nuke really ruined MW2 because everyone is camping in the hopes of getting it.

Take away that game breaking kill streak and it's a day one pick-up for me.

Spider0503002d ago




NightDweller3002d ago


BeaArthur3002d ago

Glad to see the Nuke is gone. I hope the R/C car hasn't ruined the level design. Since it can't go up stairs I really hope they haven't made the majority of every map flat.

BeaArthur3002d ago

Correction, Youtube has some videos up and apparently the wheels are big enough to go move.

ddurand13002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

its an RC car with an explosive attached. I would think that you would be able to shoot it and destroy it.

Besides that, there are far better killstreaks out there. I do not think that this will be an issue.

BeaArthur3002d ago

I wasn't worried about it being overpowered. I was worried about the levels being designed around the R/C car. But like I already said, I saw a Youtube video where it can easily traverse stairs.

MegaMohsi3002d ago

I read somewhere that killstreak rewards will not be adding to your killstreak count, if so that will really make you earn the killstreaks towards the back end. Gunship = AC-130?

DarkTower8053002d ago

killstreak kills do not count towards your killstreak.

BeastModeYMOB3002d ago

Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Just make a COD w/o killstreaks & the ability to level whole buildings.

Redlogic3002d ago

I couldn't agree more! Get rid of the pussy kill streaks. It doesn't take skill to let the computer kill for you. COD used to be about, I don't know, not so much. Add the destruction of BFBC2 and get rid of the kill streaks is pure fkin win!!

MegaMohsi3002d ago

In this case killsteak reward kills donot count towards your overall killstreak, so if someone wants the attack dogs or gunship, they're gonna have to earn it with 11 real kills.

vickers5003002d ago

Or, just add a mode without killstreaks. Problem solved. And as MegaMohsi said, people will have to earn their killstreaks, so it's not going to be such a pain in the ass to people now.

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