Gaming Today Reviews Pelican Air Flo Cooler for Xbox 360

While the debate still seems to rage over the real cause of this dreaded malady, it certainly is well known that the Xbox 360 has some cooling issues. So well known in fact, that there is a whole section of the industry competing over your preventative cooling needs. One of the newest additions to this market is the Air Flo 360 by Pelican.

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Razzy3930d ago

Here's what I use to cool my 360 :)

gta_cb3930d ago

funny.... i have nothing cooling my Xbox 360 except the internal stock fans. me and my brothers use it ALOT and i have had no problems with it, i brought it last year in October and it has no additional heat sink.

SKUD3930d ago

I thought i was the only one who used that!!!!

gta_cb3930d ago

i would perchase one of these to try the VGA connection on the back, but unfortinatly for me, my TV doesnt have that connection on it, it only has HDMI/Component for HD gaming... ohwell it still looks amazing running on component.

s8anicslayer3930d ago

lol! i only play my 360 in the arctics, so i've never actualy heard of 360 cooling problems

SiLeNt KNighT3930d ago

this is awesome for $30!! i dont have a 360 but would DEFINITELY get this if i had one!!

snoop_dizzle3930d ago

now i can use my kvm switch becasue i needed a vga in to connect to the kvm switch.

When will this be out?

Norad63930d ago

It's been out for about a month now. Check your Gamestop/EB Games.

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The story is too old to be commented.