Blu-ray capacity will 'grow with games industry's ambition'

The Blu-ray Disc Association - which comprises key execs from Sony, Samsung, Disney and Warner Bros, amongst others - has told CVG that the capacity of the format will grow to "support the ambitions of games developers" in future.

The news comes after Sharp announced a new 100GB, triple-layered Blu-ray disc in July - dubbed 'BDXL'.

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Redempteur2998d ago

so ..if kojima continues to make big games ... and is followed by more devs, we might get 200gb blu ray in the future ?

Downtown boogey2998d ago

Kojima has nothing to do with this.

brazilianbumpincher2998d ago

the articles title is true but for now only by sonys first party devs

uncharted,MAG,gt5,infamous 2 etc prove that point

8-bit2998d ago

"the articles title is true but for now only by sonys first party devs"

Exactly. Win

Redempteur2998d ago

i know but since kojima want "more space" he and some other people are creating a demand thus are leading the industry ambition ...

you could say the same about cameron when it come to 3D movies ..

first to use it , asking for more , thus creating a demand and leading their industry ...

2998d ago
karl2998d ago

not only xbox is struggling with DVD

we all are.. since we all play multiplatform gmaes that are limited by DVD

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Rainstorm812998d ago

IMHO it seems Blu ray was made for Gaming.

I mean really what else are you goin to piut on a 100GB blu-ray? No Movie on earth would fill it up, maybe if they start to release trilogies on one disc.

Snakefist302998d ago

Movies no but maybe Serials like House or True Blood Maybe able to put in 100GB Blu-ray.

Doc Sony2998d ago

You can put as many episodes of True Blood on a Blu Ray as you wish, but the disc will remain empty.

koehler832998d ago

Blu ray was made for longevity. Designing a media format for 2D 1080p isn't enough. It doesn't leave room for growth. 3D and higher resolution output is just a matter of time. Blu ray is ready for it, even if your television isn't.

avengers19782998d ago

I believe there will be a One Terabyte disc in the not to distant future. Tech always takes longer to create then improve upon. I think we will be buying something like that within' the next 10 years.

Prcko2998d ago

no limits!!!!
same as ps3 powerrr!!!

Acquiescence2998d ago

Somebody's waving the flag for Sony!

Nineball21122998d ago

Bu... bu... but Blu-ray isn't needed?

sikbeta2998d ago

lol to think some crowd hated the tech just cos it's on the PS3, next gen Huge Games or Open World as Standard will be Amazing...

Blu-Ray FTW!!!

hennessey862998d ago

my arguement was never that blu ray wasnt needed i just think its a gen to soon. Dont get me wrong i love the fact thet my ps3 can play blu ray films but for games this gen there are very few that have needed the capasity of blu ray. Its only now are you starting to see developers claiming lack of space. With massive open game worlds like rdr and grandtheft auto i think my points proved. I dont think even the ps3 has the capabilities to fully expliot blu-ray but in the next gen i think blu-ray will be very important to the point that if microsoft dont use it or something simaler they are going to be in trouble unless they go digital which i think is a bad idea.

cliffbo2998d ago


how about ALL first party games? is that enough for you.

nycredude2998d ago


So you'd rather we limit the artist by limiting their tools than give the artist whatever tools necessary to succeed and create a masterpiece, only because you think the world is not ready for the next masterpiece yet? That doesn't make any sense.

I'd rather give them the choice and it's the developers decision whether or not to take advantage of the tech. As we have witness, some have used it and some hasn't. You can tell who they are by the quality of their games.

Cloudberry2998d ago

Brings back memories of those quotes.

"Bu... bu... but Blu-ray isn't needed?"

djfullshred2998d ago

@ hennessey86

A "gen too soon" seems like a dubious claim when in fact it was introduced at the time the technology was ready to bring to market. Large electronic companies such as Sony are willing to fail in the process of trying to introduce new technology, otherwise they run the risk of being passed up by competing companies. Keep in mind developing new electronic products are core to their business, regardless of the gaming world's opinion.

hennessey862998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

no i totally agree we needed blu-ray, but in my opinion it is not needed for games. The vast majority of games dont need to utilize blu-rays capacity so in my opinion it has come a gen to soon for gaming but next gen is where blu-ray will really shine. Its just my opinion, can you imagine how cheap the ps3 would have been without blu-ray, id imagine it would have been winning this gen by some margine because i think at launch it wasnt cheap enough for the vast majority of people including myself.

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whitesoxfalife2998d ago

dam its 8 in the morning and already yall jumpn on the 360 and which this article is not even about the 360.....

Rainstorm812998d ago

To me it looks like his comment was more to the 360 fanboys and not really to the 360's capabilites itself.

But hey i could be wrong im no psychic.

house2998d ago

he didn't really say anything about the 360 alot of people really thought it wasnt needed just like they said about dvd. but this is just great news for gamers and game makers

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