Wii Just 20k sales away from world domination?

According to VGChartz, the Nintendo Wii is just 20,000 sales away from becoming the most dominant 'next-generation' console. As things stand, their estimates indicates the Wii has sold 10.41 million units, in comparison to 10.43 million Xbox 360 units sold.

View chart below.

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socomnick3932d ago

till next month when halo 3 comes out im not a big fan of the game but that thing is gonna sell like crazy. real console pusher.

sticky doja3932d ago

Not necessarily about it pushing the 360 back over the Wii, but about it moving consoles. People seem to forget that alot of people bought original Xbox's just for the fact it had Halo.

TheExecutive3932d ago

I hope for our sake (halo fans) that the hardware holds up. I will be playing halo this winter for at least 6 hrs at a time.

BrotherNick3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

haha, that's why I had the xbox...halo and halo 2 still are fun :P edit: I got it as a graduation gift...didn't know what halo was till then.

Vojkan3932d ago

The real question is, will it push console sales or will it just sell to people that already own 360? Can wait to see how that ends.

Godoftheweek3932d ago

Do the truffle shuffle....c'mon, do it, or you don't come in.

N4Gworks4Sony3932d ago

add about 1 million units to each of the console numbers here and youll have the real numbers.

Kratos123932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Wii will definitely pass the 360 this year. But what matters is how long can it dominate both the 360 and the PS3. The people buying it are not buying a lot of games for it and not a lot of ppl are playing it. Plus no online and no dvd playback support. The PS3 still has a lot of catching to do but maybe next year end we will know where each stands. Personally I dont care if the Wii wins. To me the competition is between 360 and PS3. And I hope whoever wins or loses does so by a very small margin. That way we have more competition and better games and (future consoles).

PS360 FTW!!!!

KnowitAll3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Nexgen wars website is trying to install adware on peoples computer.
People who believe nexgen as the real numbers are funny people.

KnowitAll3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

For someone who cares for his fellow gamers, I'm touched

Anyways for sure nintendo wii is going to the next round. Wii will have 2nd or 1st place. Now the real competetion is xbox and ps3
So everyone fight fight fight fight fight fight!!!

I also believe after this christmas we will clearly see a lot of things. But a lot you will be like WOW, I see a lot of things

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TheExecutive3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

lol console sales ARE NOT the only thing to look at. Software sales is really where you make your money. Ppl buy a Ninetendo for wii sports, this is the problem with looking only to casual gamers. They dont keep buying your product.

lol... the disagrees have begun coming in. However, show me anything anywhere that says that I am wrong. What is the attach rate for the Wii? look it up.

I own a Wii and have fun playing wii sports and super smash bros is gonna rock. However, you cannot deny the facts.

EDIT: Wow DubC I didnt know that about Japan. Ninetendo seems to be selling software over there like crazy, thanks for the info.

Razzy3932d ago

and according to Neilson Media the Wii is the least played next-gen console. People must be buying it, playing Wii Sports for a day and throwing the thing in the closet or something.

ItsDubC3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

I actually haven't seen any new attach rate numbers for consoles outside of 4 months ago. Can anyone provide a link?

EDIT: The only thing I could find is this article, which was published on July 3rd and applies only to Japan:

Hatchetforce3932d ago

Razzy, the Wii isn't played as much each day because Granny needs her nap time...

Odion3932d ago

well Xbox is right up on sales for games. I can't wait to see how EVERYONE does this holiday season with game sales.

Cause I always thought. If you had say 20 to 30 million users with your systems and you had as many games selling over a million units as the 360's good games do you really need the 100 million unit base?

Razzy3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

[email protected] Bubble for you.

game-over3932d ago

beating the ps3 and 360 in software sold as well updated weekly with japan and america sales of hardware and SOFTWARE sold

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Amplifier3932d ago

Love how also the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have "BARELY" moved from those position in quite a few months time.

The Brave 13932d ago

its amazing that ps3 install base hasnt moved from 4million+.its been a couple of months Ive been seeing the same numbers.ps3 is closer to 6.5 million,with no console movers by the way.its only a matter of time till the playstation brand returns to glory.BEWARE OF THE BEAST THAT WILL BE 2008!

tplarkin73932d ago

I expect a major correction by NPD very soon. It will be funny to see the 360 sales spike and dominate the next 4 months. It's like Microsoft is teasing Nintendo.

GoLeafsGo3932d ago

That's impressive, bub.

I wonder if the next 10 will be even faster with SSBB, SMG, and MP3 finally dropping by.

TheExecutive3932d ago

on another note: the ps3 is only at 4.16 million? It seems that the ps3 and the 360 havent moved since february?

Odion3932d ago

lol you noticed that too?

Vojkan3932d ago

Actually Sony was around 3.7 for a long time, that is before "price cut".