CVG: Vanquish Preview

Shinji Mikami doesn't stray too far from his comfort zone with Vanquish. Luckily, his is a comfort zone stuffed with genre-shaking classics.

Viewtiful Joe, Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry, God Hand and Killer7. They're all his - and they've all caused invention-starved critics to excitedly babble like Paris Hilton on her way out of the ladies. (Allegedly).

Come to think of it, Mikami's comfort zone's probably not very comfortable at all - just a bit cramped. So, does his latest effort deserve to be squeezed in alongside this exalted library?

It's not the kind of game to wait to be invited.

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r0gueZA3027d ago

"Vanquish is an overwhelming cacophony of bullets, sparks and explosions; seemingly created solely to destroy a player's senses."

Awesome description!

TOO PAWNED3027d ago

Demo was awesome, button layout on PS3 controller was like in uncharted, which is what i want as PS3 gamer. I hate when they put ait/shoot on L2/R2. Controls feel solid and smooth, action is super fast, this game can't be boring. Shinji Mikami at work, well done