Epic: Stunning Video shows Unreal Engine on iPhone

Note: This is the first video of the new technology. Cynamite found the tech demo vid that shows Unreal Engine 3 on Apple's iPhone - including a presentation of Project Sword, a game produced for the device. Watch the video now!

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WhittO3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

It runs quite well even on my 3GS, would be really smooth on an iPhone 4 or iPad!

Looks as good a PS2 game too!

I think you cant ignore the fact that the iTouch devices really can be considered protable gaming consoles.
The main set-back is lack of quality games, but guessing with games like this shown, that will change in the near future.

Blazing_Crabs3025d ago

MGS4 touch could have been a great game, make a game like that with cover and the ability to move, you'd have a great game.


This clearly looks much much better than a PS2 game. If it looked like a PS2 game everything would looks blocky and jaggy.

DORMIN3025d ago

Damn I wonder how much battery this will drain!

bakasora3025d ago

without physical controller, it will nv be a full fledged game.

Si-Fly3025d ago

It looks like a ps2 game cos he's running it on a 3GS, looks more like a ps3 game on my iPhone 4 and iPad :p

WhittO3025d ago

Actually, not that much from when i played it! Went down about 7-8% after walking around it for about 15 min lol.

Also, it probably is scaled down for the 3GS or something, i saw quite a few jaggies, but still in terms of lighting and water effects was probably past PS2 on some levels.

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TROLL EATER3025d ago

wow dats impresive. will also be interesting to c wah psp 2 graphics look like.

HoltzHolzt3025d ago

This looks ridiculously good

DSco43025d ago

I think this tops the Rage demo for iphone that Carmack gave a few weeks ago

frankymv3025d ago

Yes, this does look ridiculously good.

hesido3025d ago

That's a bigger achievement, IMHO

Kakihara3025d ago

Damn, can we just slow down the progression of technology a little?? I'm getting dizzy.

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The story is too old to be commented.