The Influences of Batman: Arkham City

Gaming Target writes:

"WB Games released the first set of screenshots from Batman: Arkham City yesterday. These images, along with a new preview in Official Xbox Magazine UK, have revealed some of the inspirations of the development team at Rocksteady Studios... and some of them should be very familiar to long-time Batfans."

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Stuart57562998d ago

Catwoman looks smart. Nice boobies!

Yi-Long2998d ago

... Catwoman is clearly modelled after Adam Hughes design (which is based on Audrey Hepburn).

I seriously doubt Two-Face is based on Tommy Lee Jones portrayel of the character. Just seems to be based on the comicbook version.

Harley Quinn MIGHT be based on Nancy Spungen. Don't know her tbh, and I don't care for Harley's design in AA or in AC. I wish they would have stayed closer to the original character-design.

KingJFS2998d ago

Catwoman's costume is based on Adam Hughes' design, but her facial structure is definitely meant to resemble Angelina Jolie.

antz11042998d ago

Is the Adam Hughes design the one from HUSH? Spot on if it is. Harley looks frickin' HAWT,....ina drug addled sorta way :P If it isn't based on Tommy Lee Jones, which unfortunately I disagree and think it is, then its a damn close coincidence! Lol, should have based it on The Animated Series, or at least gotten that guy to voice it, best Two-Face ever.

vTuro242998d ago

Catwoman's face and boobs are based on Angelina.

2998d ago
Kingdom Come2998d ago

Influenced by that of Jeph Loeb's Masterpiece "Batman: The Long Halloween", a Series very much focused on Two Faces demise, showing a once strong courageous figure brought down by those of whom he tried to convict, becoming that of which he despised, a Cold-Blooded killer, of whom still kept reason, and never gave up entirely on what he set out to become, in some ways he became an Anti-Hero in some views, killing mobsters. When I heard Callender Man (A character who too played a large role in "The Long Halloween") was featuring I had hope, but nonetheless, Two-Faces appearance in the game at all is fantastic, his very looks give the game a much darker, grittier tone. Can't wait!