Review summary :Heavenly Sword recieves an 9/10 from a polish mag

Heavenly Sword review from a polish mag.

Graphics - 10/10
Sound - 10/10
Gameplay - 9/10


-beautiful and spectacular
-fighting system


-lack of secrets
-little number of bosses/opponents diversity
-it could be longer


Mag scan added (thanks Violater)

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hella whip3903d ago

Good to see the game getting good reviews.

ArduousAndy3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

I mean I guess its a good review but what do the polish know did they not put screen doors on submarines and invent the solar powered flashlight?

edit: wow adriokor, I guess in Poland you do not have Jokes. See in this country (United States) we have these comments that impose a humorous response from others which we call jokes. Some jokes are geared in good fun to other countries and races.
For example I am of Cuban decent. So the joke "What is Cuba's national anthem?" the response is "Row row row your boat" see thats humorous since the majority of Cubans coming to this country come on boat.

Here we also have jokes that are called Polack jokes which ironically enough were actually Italian jokes and before that were Irish jokes.

So before you see a stupid joke comment and go "i take offense" well grew up and release that hey its a joke.

Adriokor3903d ago

Buddy you are so ignorant, I take offence to your sad ass criticism at the Polish culture and people, if you want to make stupid remarks about other nationalities, look at your own.
BTW: the Polish invented many great things such as the Helicopter, maybe you ll think next time you speak.

SmokeyMcBear3903d ago

haha ariokor, its just a staple over here with polish jokes. The peeing in the corner in a round room, all sorts of em. But we make fun of everyone, blacks, hispanic ( like me ), trailer trash, blondes, your momma, don't be offended, we makes jokes of everyone. If you can't laugh at yourself, then well, you've got some problems.

The Brave 13903d ago

Ive played both GOWs and i think this game will surpass it in every way,and thats saying a lot.PS3 rocks!

nasim3903d ago


this mag gave GEARS an 8
and Resistance a 7.5

This mag is a very hard marker

so expect HS to get 10 from other gaming websites.

GOTY confirmed

Ri0tSquad3903d ago

The games and there reviews speak for themselves.

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Kratos123903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

TheMart will come and say something bad about this game followed by Bladestar and some more retarded idiotic xbots.

Great game and a great console!!!!

PS: Lost a bubble for praising this game!!! Please give me some bubbles PS3 bros.

sonarus3903d ago

haha actually bladestar isnt so bad. He prefers the xbox to ps3 and its quite clear but IMO he is a bit more mature bout it

pilotpistolpete3903d ago

And Power of Green will come and say the graphics are crap.

DixieNormS3903d ago

Why would you even bring these two guys up. You guys are worse than those two if you just said what you think they are going to say about this game. Next time just talk about the game and don't say anything about an Xbot and you will see that they will become more and more mature about their responses.

Watkins3903d ago

As I see it, it's good that they did predict it. Cause now, the mentioned users can't come and troll here since the predicters would be right then, and that cannot happen!

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Violater3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Seems they got a review build?
Sounds iffy to me.
But the score is there.

solidt123903d ago

They said it could of been longer as one of th cons of the game. I wonder how long the game takes to beat. My guess is around 15-20 hours.

xaphanze3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

It got a 9+,not a 9.
The actual score is 9.67 if u do your math.