CNET: Playstation Move Review

E3 2009 officially opened the floodgates in terms of motion control on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Though Nintendo had found major success already with the company's Wii console, Microsoft and Sony were clearly hungry to get in on the action.

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SuperTiger2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

day 1.

Stuart57562996d ago

3/5, I bet Killzone 2 with Move will change their minds!

darkcharizard2996d ago

Sucks that it got 3/5.

Just hope the games are good.

n4gno2996d ago

It's cnet, it's like microsoft talking about sony's products..

what are you expecting.

2996d ago
sikbeta2996d ago

KZ3D + Move = WIN!

You can't go against this controller, it's not a waggle-waggle device, it's the real evolution of motion-controls applied in real games....

PlayStation Move FTW!!!

Aquanox2996d ago

Move isn't getting as much love as Sony would like to. This is going to be Halo's month, not Move's.

Stuart57562996d ago

Of course i mean Killzone 3

0mega42996d ago

how are they a credible gaming review site?

dont they just do phones and tvs?

ABizzel12996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

My guess is they took points away because of the launch titles.

Everything they said about the Move controller was positive until it came to the games. They had nothing really bad to say about the game either, expect that the launch titles probably aren't enough to make you want to buy Move Day 1.

The only problem I have with that is that journalist are complaining about the lack of games, but many older games are backwards compatible with Move, so it's not like there's nothing to play especially if they're a new comer to the PS3.

Eye Pet, Flower, Heavy Rain, High Velocity Bowling, Hustle Kings, MAG, Little League World Series, Pain, Planet Mini Golf, Resident Evil 5, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, and Toy Story.

Add that with the Move's launch titles and you have a good list of games to play if you're new to the PS3 and want a HD Wii.

Sony should repackage those games and sell them with a Move controller for $60 again since none of them are really big sellers anymore. Or at least their exclusive games.

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SilentNegotiator2996d ago

From the creators of the article that suggested getting a $1000 laptop instead of a PS3 slim, I can't say I'm even slightly surprised.

Conloles2995d ago

Wow so many butthurt fanboys 'bu bu but Cnet is biased', we'll just wait for the reviews of all the other sites and then of course it will be Eurogamer is biased to MS, IGN is biased to MS. Probably the only sites that will give it 5/5 or 10/10 are the plethora of pro Sony sites on here run by fanboys who just want to make themselves feel good and defy proper reviewing sites.

seinfan2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

It's just a wiimote for the PS3. Therefore, it's a waste of money.

Edit: lol at the disagrees. Face it. Sony and MS are both trying to cash in on this motion gimmick BS.

"What a shit-load of fuck." - AVGN

2995d ago
2995d ago
Gam3s4lif32995d ago

nt really it looks lame as...but u need more skill to use it imo...but i bet ya not amny ppl will use it for KZ3

BWS19822995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Really? Nobody here said anything about reserving judgment, people here have made up their minds, and because you're an MS zealot, you have too. Also due to your naive allegiance, you're the "reviews tell me if I'm alive or dead and if the world is round or flat" kind of robot...Good job, you live simply to be told what to think because you're incapable of conjuring up your own independent thoughts. Impressive.

Just get over it, you've lost. I don't even know what battle you're in...but you've clearly lost.

And Sienfan, you got even fewer agrees than Conloles because you don't even know the subject matter you're babbling about. Just say blah blah blah so you have a better shot. If you did an ounce of research, you wouldn't be like a toddler trying to argue a new algorithm about the theory of relativity. Meet your fellow FAILmate, Conloles.

On topic, I think I'll eventually get the Move, but right now I have a Wii. I know Move's unique, though, with the camera added and additional tech as well as HD, so, one day, yes. Plus there's going to be a slew of exclusive games in time that use it. I would also like to try it myself, and see if it feels natural. I'm fairly certain it'll do "fine" but it won't unseat the Wii in sales...there's just too much exposure and momentum there. But it's great that Sony branched out this way.

seinfan2994d ago

To paraphrase your comment: "boohoo sum peepulz donts likes teh moshun controlz! Jew donts noes NE ting!"

Get over yourself. Motion sucks ass. Making it more precise and throwing it in with games that are perfectly fine without them isn't going to sway opinions. For the failures like you who enjoy the latest gimmicks, it gets you wet and puts money in the companies' pockets. And yes, I'm in dire need of doing "research" on a peripheral that I'll never buy. You can thank the Wii for that because it's such an awful console with a controller made specifically for autistic children in mind such as yourself. I've had my taste of motion gaming and it was an underwhelming experience.

BWS19822994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Impressive. Not one thing you said was true, worthy or remotely intelligent. You even failed to conjure up a concise or valid opinion, that's how miserable you are. You go on about admitting you don't even know what you're talking about because it's a waste of time to learn the subject matter (that YOU'RE DEBATING, MIND YOU), and then assume I'm excited for it. If you read my other comment, you'd know I'm only mildly interested in trying it some day, and never did I say it's superior or even preferred. Don't bother if you're not even reading the damn comments. WTF are you even here for, then? Autism-bashing?

How does this work: you come to argue and present yourself as an authority on something, as a naysayer, then get called out to be a fraud because you don't know the technology, THEN you BRILLIANTLY admit you know nothing about it BUT PERSIST TO STATE YOU STILL KNOW BETTER? Laughable. Simply hilarious. Instant fail. Keep it coming, you're a joke.

The fact that you also resort to turning the discussion into an autism-bashing session just shows what scum you are. That's lower than fanboy, mind you. You're just filth, now. Congrats, you're at the bottom of the food chain.

So, get over myself. Huh. I'm not the one who just put myself leaps and bounds above a group of disabled people with despicable remarks like yours. I think your ego needs the check.

seinfan2994d ago

Talk about leaps in logic. Autism-bashing? Just because I don't like the controller and I think it was meant for individuals who can barely control themselves, doesn't mean that I'm bashing them. If you're so offended by me pointing it out, perhaps it is you who has the problem! Where in my comment did I state "I know nothing about this controller"? Nowhere, so you must be delusional. Also, you basically repeated yourself 3 times over in every paragraph. Do you suffer from short term memory loss as well? If not, it's very pathetic and speaks volumes of your stupidity.

BWS19822993d ago

in circles now, you don't even have any semblance of an argument or even a point. It's random banter and 8th grade quips at this stage, and you've sunk to name-calling and back-pedaling when you CLEARLY admitted your lack of knowledge (I don't care if you deny it, your admission is there). And yes, you brought up autism in an offensive way, just seeing your justification is further hilarity. I'm not all that offended, but it shows your bigotry, and that you resort to such correlations to prove you hate motion. The fact you'd even think to use it to relay a point is pathetic, what are you, 15?

You lost a couple posts up, and name-calling doesn't secure any victory, so I'll take that as your graceful concession to failure since it's meaningless and off-topic. I've debated a lot of things in my life, and your attacks on the perception of intelligence leave you in the dust. There's nothing. You can't even read your own posts, let alone mine. Not one thing you said registers as coherent or valid, so I'm leaving this ridiculous excuse for a conversation to you and your intellectual deficiency. Enjoy--I really don't care about any further response, you're out of your league, kid. Good bye.

seinfan2993d ago

Nothing but more delusions of grandeur on your part. Please, incoherent? You seem to be pulling most of these observations out of your ass. You didn't have to reply the first time, you know. But I see that because you have little to no substance to your objection (simply that I brought up autism and you felt uncomfortable about it), you can only come up with assertions of me being unable to logically think and that I somehow get lost within my own thought process. Sorry to say, but you commit the very things you accuse me of. Have fun in lala land.

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happyface2996d ago

CNET gets tons of viewers, how will this low score affect sells?

Shadow Flare2996d ago

Isn't CNET owned by Microsoft?

I think the general public will hear via the grapevine from the mass of praise move is getting that the product is great. Let's see how well kinetc gets reviewed

jjohan352996d ago

CNET is owned by CBS, not Microsoft.

It's true that CNET has a history of being biased against Sony though.

Acquiesc32996d ago

lol I actually knew what the score was gonna be the moment I saw it's from CNET.

cruncher_202996d ago

That doesn't mean that the review is not accurate but Microsoft is a sponsor of CBS interactive that allows CBS to make money with online news so ... Not directly own by Microsoft but aye, "On ne crache pas sur la main qui nous nourrit"... or we don't spit on the hand of people who give food

CNET/CBS can try to minimize the hype on the move but still... Is it paranoia or reality... Who knows ?

Jazz41082995d ago

Don't forget how the average fanboy thinks. If it gets a low score they are in bed with ms if it gets a good score then they are right. Its so fun to watch you ps3 guys and some 360 guys not as bad though make fools of yourself on here. I don't come here to read the obvious ps3 monoplized sites bs. I come here for the entertainment of reading what you write and some of you actually believe it. That's sad.

Jazz41082995d ago

Did you ever consider that maybe not everones excited about this crap ms and sony are pushing?

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DatNJDom812996d ago

3/5........... LMAO!!!! misinformation to the fullest. its hilarious

FuturePerfect2996d ago

I wonder what the 'C' stands for in 'C'net...i won't say because i will get banned LOL

Chris3992996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

"See you next Tuesday."

Think about it. That's what Future was talking about :)

FOXDIE2996d ago

who owns CNET? ohhh right, Microsoft! :)

Bzone242996d ago

No, they are owned by CBS.

cruncher_202995d ago

It's pretty fun isn't ?

5 peoples disagree with the FACT the CNET is own by CBS

See Bzone24 comment....

I mean... how can you disagree with that, these 5 peoples are the most dump person on Earth or they don't know the difference between Agree and Disagree ? or they don't want this fact to be true so they disagree with the the fact that CBS own CNET...

Other suggestion guys about these 5 retarted person ?

fullmetal2972996d ago

"It's cnet, it's like microsoft talking about sony's products"

They crowned the PS3 as the best blu-ray player. They are definitely not Microsoft biased.

fullmetal2972996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

LOL whats with the disagrees? Now lookie here:

They awarded the PS3 slim as the winner the recent prize fight after Sony reduced the price and size factor and also named it the best blu-ray player. Somebody mentioned seeing only negative comments on PS3 related but I search "PS3" and then "xbox 360" on the CNET main page and all articles received the same share of both bad and good receptions.

See fanboys, its easy to callout a website for its "bias" but all you need is a 10 minutes of searching to see whose the real conspirators are and who are ones making false claims.

P_Bomb2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

CNET published articles forever about how BluRay will fail and the PS3 will fail. Don Reisinger's stuff on there was notorious! Crowning the PS3 as the best of something they've knocked for years (even if just by association) is hardly a compliment. Take your own advice and do some research before calling people fanboys who've maybe been here longer and remember the frequent headlines on N4G featuring Reisinger's rants on CNET.

fullmetal2972996d ago

"Don Reisinger is a technology columnist who has written about everything from HDTVs to computers to Flowbee Haircut Systems. Don is a member of the CNET Blog Network, and posts at The Digital Home. He is not an employee of CNET."

This Don Reisinger character isn't even an employee of CNET and his articles shouldn't represent what CNET thinks of bluray as a whole.

sak5002996d ago Show
BulletToothtony2995d ago

IMO they gave the ps3 the crown because MS doesn't have a bluray player.. otherwise they would've given it to them...

when they had the ps3 against the 360 they gave the 360 points for the silliest things to win over the ps3.. and when they compared the 360 agains the ps3 in HARDWARE and VALUE there was like a .05 difference when the ps3 has hdmi, hdd, wifi, and wireless controllers included... oh yeah and BLURAY! so yeah they're definitely biased when it comes to sony against MS

Skadoosh2995d ago

Nice. You know how sony fanboys think. They cry biased when the site gives their game a bad score but praise the same site when they get a good review. Same old stupid sony fanboys.

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vhero2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Forgive me if I'm wrong but CBS own CNet?? A TV Company? Either way they aren't exactly the best people to go by when it comes to anything game related though if you need a new printer there experts panels pretty good :).

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Bobbykotickrulesz2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

lol wait til the Kinect reviews start rolling in.

Then you'll REALLY laugh. Or, at least I will. :)

Edit: PS3 fanboys misunderstood what I was saying. Oh well.

DatNJDom812996d ago

I bet they will give kinect a 3, 4, or 5. LOL. It obviously is a 2 from the video. Again its hilarious

THC CELL2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

3 out of 5 not bad but i would say 4.5

Move takes the crown for the motion war and i have played with kinnect at work so dont ask.

Fishy Fingers2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I'd say the Wii takes the crown, it's been the biggest commercial success this gen, has motion controlled games ranked up there with the top of any gen past and present. Pushed MS/Sony to follow suit (you think there would be Move/Kinect had the Wii flopped?).

It might not be the most technically advanced, but it's done its job and done it well.

THC CELL2996d ago

wii is falling, dont no why people still bother with them

hell at work this week we have people trading wii in for move
and ps3 a ps3 console for move.

Fishy Fingers2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Little dramatic, momentum has dipped but did you expect it to maintain it for the duration? A decent price drop, which Nintendo are capable of as they've always made a profit on the Wii and the sales will spike up again, especially if done during the xmas period.

Sales and all that jazz aside, the Wii crated Move and Kinect, it's Nintendos success that drove the others to follow suit, that alone for me proves that as of now and probably the remainder of this gen, Wii will be the platform synonymous with motion control.

Rainstorm812996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

but if the competitors out do ninty at thier own game it could be a different story.

Nintendo has the sales success already, but people that are looking for wii HD doesnt need to wait for nintendo, PS MOve provides that familiar control scheme with all new sense of control.

Besides the wii is runnin off last gen hardware how long can survive, and i say survive because it isnt really directly competing with ps3 or x360.

Besides in the end it all comes down to the G-A-M-E-S..

Biggest2996d ago

As far as hardware goes, the Wii can't take the crown. It's less accurate and using and extremely outdated console. Unless we're talking sales. . . Sales have always been a boring game.

sikbeta2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

PS3 > wii, the PS3 now cover everything other consoles offer and do it better, kids and grandpas will dump their dust-covered wiis for a better Gaming System with loads of features other competitors can't offer, no one can deny wii was a success, but Nintendo got stuck there counting money while others try offer more and push the boundaries, it's time for Sony to take the crown like they for 2 consecutive generations, ...

kanedaakira2996d ago

Don't know why you're getting disagrees Fishy - you speak the truth...

nycredude2996d ago

Fishy hasn't a clue what he's talking about. Why do you think the Wii has lost momentum Cause there is competition. Why do you think MS has a lead? cause they started early and had no competition. Now both have competition and of course it hurts their sales. Wii up until now has had no competition with the controls so all they had to do was push the controls to casuals and come out with a good game form an old franchise once in a while. now they have competition form MS and Sony I bet the Wii slows down even more. Nintendo must now step up and make better games they can't rely on the motion gimmick any more.

N4g_null2996d ago

Fishy we all know your right. Yet the sony fanboys are desperate for a win.

Out of all the games coming to move just fps and the gimmick bone breaking socery game are the only games they really have.

I've posted about moves limits before yet im sure every one will find out when they buy it day one lol. There are going to be some pizz sony fanboys when that happens. Oh well...

Im sure nintendo is readying the next console and evolution in motion controls and tracking past the move and motion plus limitations.

Another thing is move can not be played in different ways. You have to buy other extra parts to do that.

Jazz41082995d ago

I'm sorry guys but sony is not god and neither is ms. These motion controls and there shovelware need to go back to the wii. The move is a blantant wii rip off and kinect well its a interesting overpriced web cam. They both suck so please let sony fart so you guys can get out of there as$,

TheGoose2995d ago

Wasn't Sony working on motion controls before the Wii was released? The concept with the EyeToy and colored objects or something.

N4g_null2995d ago

Thegoose did you buy an eye toy for the ps 2 or 3. How did that work out? Yeah it sucked. Casuals didn't even buy it because the games sucked. All of that came before the wii then hd eye came out guess what it still sucked. Now you can spend about $70 dollars to play a little more like the wii with out key things like ir pointing, play style change mid game along with games that have sold over 10 million easy like Mario kart and Mario 5.

To those claiming it does not do depth you actualy zoom in by moving the controller forward. It has 3 gyros just like move with motionplus. And it functions as an nes controller. Yeah nintendo got all of that from Sony.

Seriously go out and try it then post here about it. It was a good try and I look forward to the upgrade because this setup is not enough. I hope fps fans can save it.

It starting to feel like Sony and ms are just trying to make motion controls suck rather than rock.

What is sad is this talk is not negative it's constructive. If Sony releases this like it is then they are shooting them selves in the foot.

It will be like red steel 1. No matter what they fix it will still suck to many. If done correctly they can compete with nintendos next controller. Yet as of right now a nintendo console launch could threaten the ps3 period making this a psp2 moment.

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Seferoth752996d ago

Yes Wii clearly takes the crown to all but fanboys. Great post and you make a very valid point. Of course SOny fans blindly follow any product and claim it superior.

Remember when the Sixaxis was better than the Wii remote and the Wii remote was a complete joke? Now Sony offers something not as accurate and Sony fans ignorant of the Wii and what it can do are proclaiming Move superior simply because it is a Sony product. Truth is both use the same method for motion controls. The only difference is Move has a single sensor to calibrate with while the Wii has 2 sensors to calibrate pointer functions.

It might sale well to Sony fans they buy anything, but convincing Wii owners to buy a console that does not have Mario,Metroid or Zelda or superior controls will be a stretch.
Speaking of Mario, metroid, Zelda, I love how Sony fans think people are going to be interested in a console where they cannot play those games.

doG_beLIEfs2996d ago

The Move is lightyears ahead of the Wiimotion Plus. This video PROVES it


There is no waggle waggle with Move.

Once you go Move you STOP playing with your Wii

Rainstorm812996d ago

"It might sale well to Sony fans they buy anything"

LOL you guys are sooooooo funny, i though you guys didnt believe sony fanss bought games, now they buy anything.

your comment on wii being more accurate is incredibly Naive, ive played both as well as many journalists and you would be hard pressed to find one say the Wii is more accurate than move.

ill give you mario but metroid and zelda are hardcore favs.

kanedaakira2996d ago

Seferoth - you're spouting nonsense !

'The only difference is Move has a single sensor to calibrate with while the Wii has 2 sensors to calibrate pointer functions.'

see here -

notice the BIG difference is the letter Z - namely Move can capture motion on the X Y and Z axis while the Wii (and Kinect) can only capture X Y motion.

This is what sets Move apart - real depth 1:1 and not gesture based XY tracking.

Seriously - I'm not talking shit here and I'm not falsely bigging up Sony - it's the truth in black and white...

jneul2996d ago

this is the only review which is lower than the average score most are hitting the mark at 8/10 - 9/10.
but what the hell I forgot you love ninty so much, you have not even tried it for yourself and want to believe this over 7 other reviews that are all much better feedbacks than this one??

ChickeyCantor2996d ago

@doG beLIEfs

That video may point out some valid points but its also biased on many other.

At the Wii game with the Frisbee he moves the Wii-mote up and down not causing the character to do anything.
Did the idiot ever think that the developers added constraints to the character?
So he is creating misleading footage.

bustamove2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I do like how you show up the minute the Move gets a 3/5, not to mention other people who were just waiting for an opportunity to bash it.

This won't deter me from checking out Move either way.

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callahan092996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Cnet is a joke. Every article I've ever clicked on that was related to PS3 was primarily negative. I don't pretend to know WHY, but I honestly see some bias over there.

krisprolls2996d ago

Why ? Well because CNET is affiliated with Microsoft. (MS CNET) So of course they're paid to say bad things about their competitors.

PopEmUp2996d ago

are not really professional are they?