Xbox and Make-A-Wish® Australia Join Forces in Online Fundraiser


"One thing you have to give Microsoft, they are not shy on helping out or doing various public relations events or functions.

Since starting this site in 2007, I’ve been to MTV events, seen how MS and GAME teamed up to give away a street registered Xbox Customised Harley Hog valued at over $AU13,000, been aboard the HMAS Torbruk which cost them millions to organise for a pop feastive, ventured onto Cockatoo Island for the huge Halo 3 launch event where they brought over the Halo Hog purpose built at WETA studios in New Zealand, plus many many other events too numerious to mention here.

Microsoft is certainly not reluctant to make sure its name is everywhere, and that the brand is seen by a broad range of demographics, moreso than any other of the gaming giants."

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BadCircuit3000d ago

It is good to see that the big game companies are raising money for charities. If more companies started to raise more money that would be good for the real world.

XboxOZ3603000d ago

MS have been running many different charity events, such as the recent custom Xbox 360's that went up for ebay auction. They raised a significant amount here in Australia.

Sadly the other two majors do not find this type of publicity or promotional work of any value.

They need to understand that it's about being 'seen' and experienced outside their normal demographic. Which is how MS approaches the Xbox platform./

It has supported even fashion design competitions in Australia. Getting final year fashion design student to create fashion based on game characters. It was a brilliant show, and was judged by Australian and world wide fashion experts.

That's the level of promotion companies need to get into.

Godem3000d ago

aanything for a good cause

DoctorQ3000d ago

Aw thats really awesome!!!