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Motion control 'won't be mainstream for 10 years' - Mikami

Vanquish creator Shinji Mikami isn't satisfied with Kinect's ability to track your gestures. Apparently, he wants to use eyeballs and eyeballs alone. (Kinect, Playstation Motion Controller, Playstation Move, PS3, Vanquish, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Cloudberry  +   1829d ago
Controlling a game with our eyeballs...
Rrobba  +   1829d ago
Agreed...what the hell are they talking about? I mean, it might work for some games, but I wouldn't like playing The Legend of Zelda of God of War with my eyeballs...it just wouldn't be the same.
sikbeta  +   1829d ago
some games?

Pong is the only one feasible, with loads of gestures that will be added in the future, how the heck you'll make a character movement that differs from many other movements allowed in the game and only with your eyes...

Kain81  +   1829d ago
only for the LOLs^^
himdeel  +   1829d ago
LOL and yet the Wii...
...has Nintendo printing money for toilet paper...
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Hotel_Moscow  +   1829d ago
im sorry but it wont be mainstream ever most people at least hardcore gamers dont wanna move alot when playing a game

but under the definition motion control is main stream now
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MicroSony4Life  +   1828d ago
Controlling a game with our eyeballs
I will have what he is having.
scissor_runner  +   1828d ago
Huh the eye ball thing would be cool and that would solve the current spin box bounary problem also. To do such a thing you would need a camera with crazy resolution or the abilty to track a few thing with varying detail.

See this is why developers should help with hardware creation.
Creativity trumps tech in most cases.

Hmmm so you would need a sole camera to zoom in track and capture the face at a high resolution.
You need a ir cam on the controller for great pointer tracking with ir the have a certain freq so that a meer candle can not trick them along with the ablity to actualy know if the player is pointing to the right or left and at least one side tracker. Another thing is you could use another cam in the main cam to see if the controller is tilted. Sort of like how move tries to use the orb for distance. Two orbs or some form of irs withcertain hz will solve that unless they want to try out sound instead.

So far you would have this in the main camera array
a face cam that can zoom and track the face.
a ir or sonic sensor or cam that can see how the controller is moving to help the gyros out.
a the last tracker will need two ir or sonic sensors to orient the controller.
a of coures you still want the gyros of the current controllers
a you also need a ir set up on the cam array on the tv so wii like pointing can still be used and an ir cam in the controller.

With a set up like this you can have real vr on your tv with out glasses. yet this would be crazy expensive so maybe he is right.

So far the wii is closer to this setup than the move yet the move tracks the controller so basicly you would need to combine both to get flawless motion control. neither uses sonic positioning right now and i havn't gotten any figures for it ethier.

How eye ball tracking could work rather than move your move or wii cursor to the edge to turn you could do that with your eyes which would be surreal. With the added stuff like visual controller tracking that could be used instead some people have wondering eyes and crossed eyes even.

Also wouldn't be great to see the face of that space marine you just curbstumped.

Seriously this is what i expected from sony not the eyetoy wii hey nintendo has the next move and a new system should be hitting soon thanks to a slump in sales sorta
TheLeprachaun  +   1829d ago
The Wii says hello.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1829d ago
and now it says goodbye. flicking FTL
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danmachine  +   1829d ago
i think controlling games with our minds
would be alot better than eyeballs. you could pay multiple games at the same time.
Redempteur  +   1829d ago
that would require some serious concentration and i don't know how "fun" that would be
HeroXIV  +   1829d ago
Motion... gaming?! GTFO.
matey   1829d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
Sayai jin  +   1829d ago
Yeah right, and it was only a couple years ago when people were saying online gaming had no future.
djfullshred  +   1829d ago
We already have something where we sit still, and just use our eyes...it is called watching TV.
matey   1829d ago | Immature | show
punisher99  +   1829d ago
"Motion control 'won't be mainstream for 10 years' - Mikami"

Motion control should never be mainstream for gaming. period
IrishYamato  +   1829d ago
The Move will take a lot of the Wii crowd i think. The 'Oh look! it moves!' non- gamers that bought into the Wii might be sick of shovelware and want some hardcore titles.
Hallmark Moment  +   1829d ago
LOL Sure... It's going to take more than a Wii clone to pull consumers away from their favorite franchises.
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IrishYamato  +   1829d ago
I was not talking about the long term nintendo fans, just the non-gamers who bought it to lose weight and tossed it aside after a while.
Seferoth75  +   1828d ago
Sony fanboys think everyone is just going to run to Move the minute it is released. Look at his excuse... Like the Wii remote was even the big thing for their workout game. That was the balance board.
Also the PS2 was littered with shovelware and soon the PS3 will be as well. Of course its never an issue with a Sony console with these fanboys.

But yeah he has a valid point the Balance board crowd is going to eat up Move cause they are so much alike.....
ChickeyCantor  +   1828d ago
" The 'Oh look! it moves!' non- gamers that bought into the Wii might be sick of shovelware and want some hardcore titles."

Interesting, for always the argument has been that "casual" gamers do not care for hardcore games.
Yet when one tried to defend that the Wii might open up these gamers to potential "hardcore"gamers they were considered ludicrous.
And now we have Move its suddenly possible?

I hope someone invents a virtual A-bomb.
gumgum99  +   1828d ago
where have you been?,lol
Captain Tuttle  +   1828d ago
Wii is as mainstream as it gets.
ChickeyCantor  +   1828d ago
I dont like people like him who think its all about going so far to do stuff just with your eyes.
Intuitive systems drive the future, not ideas that seem to be like a fantasy from the 80's.
pcz  +   1828d ago
Motion control 'won't be mainstream for 10 years' - Mikami
where the fuck has this prick been the last half a decade?! i assume he's never heard of the wii.

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