Why Gamers Are Ruining The Industry

Have you noticed a decline in the quality of content recently released? Are you left wondering where all the good games have gone every time you step into the electronics section of your local store? Do you wonder WHY it seems like we’ve been getting the same mindless, gun-fight, breast filled game, time after time?

Hint: It’s Your Fault.

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Godmars2902822d ago

How isn't it the devs fault for wanting a standardized engine to make games? To get them out quickly?

Gamers wouldn't be pixel counters if devs lived up to half the claims they made.

Omega Zues2822d ago

I don't mind developers taking time to create a great quality game, but the problem is when they make such large claims and when you finally get the game is far from what they promised it to be.

jeseth2821d ago

It has just about all been done. And the best stories and franchises are well established and do what they do very well (Mario, Zelda, Metal Gear, Halo, God of War, Gran Turismo, GTA, etc. etc.).

Too many games mimick what other great franchises have already established which leaves you with a "I've seen this before" feeling with many new games. Its really hard to have a fresh new experience now a days.

I also feel that gamers complain too much. If a sequel is coming out it "has to" improve upon its predecessor with new features and modes etc. Often times this can ruin a franchise. Modern Warfare was perfect just the way it was. When Modern Warfare 2 dropped and to this day people are irked by the horrible new perk system and overdose of kill streaks that make the game get out of hand. COD : MW2 spiraled out of control but only because they way gamers demand, demand, demand new stuff. Same goes for the Resistance franchise which started just this gen. Resistance 1 was an amazing story, setting, and experience. Resistance 2 went way off course to the point you forgot you were supposed to be fighting during 1940's and 50's America.

I think it has a lot to do with it just being hard to come up with fresh new ideas for games and some of it does have to do with us, the "gamers". I think the word "gamer" has lost its meaning this gen of consoles.

Quagmire2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )


There would be NO industry if it werent for the gamers, thus meaning gamers wouldnt exist if there werent an industry, meaning the industry cant say gamers are ruining the industry, because there would be no gamers, therfeor, no industry to say gamers are ruining the industry, because....

damn, i think i just Inceptioned myself

Solid_Snakeps32821d ago

lol that's a rather odd title ''Why gamers are ruining the industry'' Shouldn't it be ''Why hackers/pirates are ruining the industry''?

Nate-Dog2822d ago

Oh sorry didn't realise it's my fault the gaming industry is getting worse (?) because I'm spending money that I barely have on games and products for gaming. I'll stop right now.


frjoethesecond2822d ago

Just thought the same thing when I read the title. Good luck selling games to non gamers *looks at wii*.

goalweiser2821d ago

Apparently non-gamers buy more games than you do. Have you seen wii software sales? Epic to say the least.

Darkfiber2822d ago

Agreed. Gamers are idiots for the most part. They want to play the same thing over and over again. Hell, look at Uncharted 2. A huge number of gamers are saying that it's the best game ever made, blah blah blah. And why? Cause it's a shooter? Cause it's 8 hours long? Cause there's long cutscenes? Cause it's a completely linear straight line game with no branching paths that doesn't let you make a single choice other than "which of these two weapons do you want to use"?

I mean, whatever, the game wasn't bad, but it was exactly the same as every other game out there. Does the fact that it had slightly more polish than some other games mean it's the best game in the world? Hardly. And don't even get me started on Halo 12 and Call of Duty 456.

It is getting worse. The only reason people are spending more money on games is because there is so much of the same shit being released over and over, and most of them you can beat in one sitting. Most gamers get bored of them after one play, and look for the next "new" and "better" thing.

I think a lot of it has to do with an emphasis on story. Lots of games are putting a great deal into their story, and a lot of people like that (me included), but the problem with that is, they usually just end up throwing some generic gameplay in the game as filler to tell the story, as something to set it apart from just watching a movie (Uncharted 2). But this means that after you finish playing the game, you don't really feel a "need" to play it again. The gameplay isn't typically good enough to drag you back into it, because it's just generic third person shooter fare you can find in any weekly release. Yes, it's partly the developers' fault because they are making them, but they are making the games that people WANT. So ultimately, the ones voting with their wallets are the ones they are going to cater to, not the ones on N4G posting bitchy comments about how bad it sucks :P

I remember the good old days of PC gaming when games were focused on gameplay and replayability, so you could play a game for a year or two at a time before you got bored of it. Now games are lucky to last you a day or two.

blodulv2822d ago

Making "choices" in games is completely overrated.

Give me a well told story over having to choose which road to take and mediocre decision making any day.

punisher992822d ago

@Darkfiber: Uncharted 2 is not a shooter. ITs an action/adventure game. There is a difference. And its more than 8 hours long if you are not a complete expert at the game.

wollie2822d ago

UC2 is the best game ever made. played it three times in a row just because it was awesome. and the MP is great.

troll2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Well, trying to imitate the narrative structure from the movies is pretty much disregarding the strength of the media form. Railwaying the player through the story and trying to get make some lasting appeal through a separate multiplayer mode is more patching together a faulty system than using the strength of the gaming media. A separate multiplayer mode is not faulty in itself but if there's no driving force as to return to the singleplayer part then gameplay mechanics are probably lacking to begin with.

While this article was somewhat poorly worded and didn't really pinpoint (any of the significant) reasons as to why the status quo grows stronger, I think we need to acknowledge that we as gamers are part of the media and therefore also a part of the problem. You can point the finger and pass the blame to your heart's content but even if the blame would lie solely on one party, the burden is still shared by all of us.

We need some place to communicate with the publishers and developers that's is not done by the wallet or pissing and moaning on random forums. Could it just be kept civilized, I think there could be a lot of creative feedback from the community and, likewise, from the developers and publishers.

Though, this will just be wistful thinking on my part. I'm posting this on a random site that holds no common ground with developers to begin with. But I take comfort in that I like to reread my pretentious postings and feel like Mr Know-It-All. I might as well just talk directly to the wall, but my walls are thin and I don't want to bother my neighbors with my rantings.

EDIT: This is in no way about Uncharted, I haven't played it myself so I reserve my judgement. This is just a musing in general.

wollie2822d ago

I actually prefer linear stories in games. I think they are stronger and help you connect to the characters better. But its a good thing we have linear and open games so that we can both be happy!

dillydadally2821d ago

I'm so sick of hearing reviewers mark down games because they're linear. Linear is a design option, not a negative (in FF13's case though, it hindered the fun and just didn't work in my opinion). The games I've liked most over the years are linear in nature - linear is great because it allows a story to be told and characters to be developed.

The real problem is a linear game lives and dies by the quality of its characters and story, and everyone's either too stupid or too cheap to actually hire a good writer for their games. I mean, when was the last time you played a JRPG and thought, "Wow, what an interesting and unique and gripping story. I sure got into these characters!". That is so rare now and definitely isn't in JRPG's I've tried lately. Not sure why I keep mentioning JRPG's - they certainly aren't the only game this applies to. Uncharted 2 wouldn't have been near as good a game if it wasn't linear in nature. Starcraft 2 has a great linear story but still allows choices to be made with specific missions.

Immortal3212822d ago

do you mean a one way path to take to progress through the level?

troll2821d ago

I guess I was a little fuzzy. Some of my favorite games are indeed linear, I just don't think we should downplay the user interaction and exploration. A lot of mediocre games could probably have been great if they didn't try to limit themselves to other medias narrative standards. Problem is that games haven't really found a working middle course yet.

I'm all for variety, that's why I'm concerned because for the moment a significant part of all released titles are cast in the same form.

wollie2821d ago

I get what your saying. I to have really loved some open world games. You really should check out UC2, the presentation, voice acting and animation is just so good that every game you play after it will seem like blocky ps1 era games. That might be an exaggeration but the game is really really slick. not innovative, but the certainly the most polished game I have very played.

troll2821d ago

Oh, I will. I just need to get myself a tv again. Sadly my consoles are just collecting dust at the moment. But when it's all hooked up I will definitely check out UC... Well right after I've played through Yakuza 3 again. ^^

Solid_Snakeps32821d ago

troll has 5 bubbles and i have 2??

troll2821d ago

I'm not really sure you are replying to me since your post doesn't really touch the subject I'm talking about. But let me just reiterate in case you didn't bother reading my following posts.

- I never said linear was a faulty system to begin with. I'm merely pointing to that using a linear gameplay and then trying to extend the lifetime of the game solely by multiplayer, is not an optimal way of using the game medias strength. Having said that, there's definitely games that pull this off excellently, still more games that does it horribly.

I will however agree with you that not many studios are willing to invest in good actors and authors when they persist on telling a story to begin with.

And regarding linear games - I've enjoyed far more than I care to list.

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jdktech20102822d ago

I got a new idea for an article....

Why articles, about how gamers are ruining the industry, are ruining the industry

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