Halo 3: Lead Writer interview: Campaign, endings, Easter eggs & new screens

Two dedicated Bungie employees braved the 14 hour flight from The States to pay the Australian industry a visit ahead of Halo 3's release. IGN sat down with Lead Writer Frank O'Connor - the man with the secrets - for an intimate chat on everything from the game's length, complexity of the AI, the ending and Easter eggs to how co-op cutscenes work, speed-runs, wildlife and the possible demise of Master Chief.

Four screenshots are from Narrows - featuring actual gameplay, plus one new shot from the single player campaign.

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Rooted_Dust3935d ago

It looks like Halo. What more could you want?

beavis4play3935d ago

they could have done SOMETHING different-like MGS4 is now going to take place on a battlefield. it just seems like more of the last two games. not bad, but not worth all the hype.

Odion3935d ago

well they did add a lot, 4 player co-op, the new gadgets, all the MP stuff.

UT3 is just like Halo 3, its updated in everyway and added some new stuff but its not a new game.

Hatchetforce3935d ago

I liked this part:

"There are going to be some mysteries in the game"

Magic 8 ball says, "Title set in HALO universe as launch game for next MS console"

_insane_cobra3935d ago

Halo 3 resembles past Halo games? Damn, I expected it to be more like Pokemon.