Call of Duty: Black Ops pictures

New off-screen pictures taken of Call of Duty: Black Ops at the multiplayer event tonight.

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SanMarco2603d ago

COD is back & better than ever!

trancefreak2602d ago

well if thats true those pictures sure dont show it. In this day and age I really am spoiled by high quality feed shots. Recording from a cell phone just isnt cool anymore.

Ninja-Sama2602d ago

Gametrailers has some direct feed gameplay up:

I'm a bit underwhelmed by the graphics...MW2's graphics seemed better. I dunno, it could just be me.

kasasensei2602d ago

@Ninja Sama
Not worse, not better, just the same.^^

Gam3s4lif32602d ago

i dunno...ill wait and see but ill probably get it but ill probably sell it later on...

Fan Tastic2602d ago

Looks okay so far. I hope it is more enjoyable than CoD:MW

ReservoirDog3162602d ago

You mean mw2 right? CoD4 was easily the best of the series.

jdktech20102602d ago

I'm trying to stay away from this series but they keep pulling me back in.....those wager game modes look awesome....finally a mode where everyone starts the same.

Not to mention one in the chamber will end up being REALLY intense. Gun game looks fun too but I never played the CS version (in fact never played CS now that I think about it)

Microsoft_Spokesman2602d ago

Never played CS? You have to try it out sometime.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2602d ago

After watching again the gameplay with all that gimmicky junk looks like it would annoy the hell out of me in competitive MP.

Medal of Honor looks a hell of a lot better now.

jdktech20102602d ago

what gimmicky junk? Not saying there isn't any but would you care to elaborate instead of just saying general statement #3 without any explanation

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2602d ago

Sure no problem.

R/C car bomb
Ballistic knife
Mini gun
Archangel BS

It looks questionable but I could change my mind later.

jdktech20102602d ago

Yea I can respect those questions because the RC car balance is one for me....they're just trying to come up with new things and it's hard to do in a series like COD where so much has happened.

The crossbow is's like a balanced noobtube if you ask me. Takes skill to hit the guy with but can still kill him if he's an idiot and doesn't run away before it blows up if it misses him.

The tomahawk is a throwing knife and it's more black opish?

The minigun is all kinds of corny and gimmicky, no argument there. The archangel is a predator missile that you control verticality with as well as horizontally. It's like a flying RC car. I dont' have a huge issue. I'll probably get it for 40 bucks after some credits are applied and that should be worth it even if it's a bit out of whack in some places

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2602d ago

Yeah agree I guess it's just me trying to get use to it after MW2. It has a lot of different elements but I'm sure things will be cool.

xTrueLegendx2602d ago

Looks good like all the new features and that stamp feature is pure win

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