COD4 Devs Respond to PS3/X360 Screens Comparison

Earlier on today, screenshots from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare were pitted against each other. Infinity Ward has responded to the recent COD 4 PS3 and Xbox 360 Comparison. Continue to find out what they had to say.

Infinity Ward :

"During development we frequently tweak the color balances in the levels to achieve the look and feel that we're shooting for. What you're seeing in these two videos are two completely different visual styles for the level that were tried. That's why the older 360 shot has a distinct blueish tint, while the more recent PS3 shot shows the more appropriate middle eastern feeling lighting.

You can also some differences in the geometry in the two shots. Broken walls, windows, etc… Every level goes through at least one "detail pass". The designers will rough in geometry and do a certain level of detail, but it's the environment artists that really make each level shine. The version of the level shown in the PS3 shot has been through one or two more detail passes than the one shown in the 360 shot. That said, all levels (single player and multi) use identical geometry and textures across all platforms. If nothing else, the shots show an interesting look at the evolution of a level."

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TriggerHappy4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

"nah - take a good look at those 2 pics...that assets are completely different in the detail of the buildings in the background...we've said before the game is exactly the same on both machines...these are 2 different builds of the game."

EDIT: To whoever disagreed with me, I am not saying this, a developer working on the game posted this, Disagree with me all you want.

Hatchetforce4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

I agree these are two different builds of the game.

HOWEVER....many of the people that are jumping on this topic, quoting the dev and saying both versions will look the same are the very people that said the devs were liars when they stated earlier that the PS3 version would run at 60fps and look identical to the 360 version. Sorry fanboys, but you can't have it both ways.

Both versions will not look the same and only a moron would believe that. I am not saying which version will look the best and it doesn't matter as I own both consoles. I would prefer the PS3 version top out because the features of that console are flat out better. But anyone that expects those versions to look exactly the same is in for a disappointment.

JsonHenry4057d ago

Every game that has come out for both the PS3 and the 360 look and play smoother on the 360. What in the world would make anyone think that the two would not at least be identical, if not better looking on the 360?

I own both systems by the way. But I buy any multi platform game for the 360 because it is so far proved to be the superior platform.

SimmoUK4057d ago

This should definately be approved, if people want to flame away in other news then they should also deal with the truth from the dev's thereselves...

boodybandit4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

To please the companies they are making the games for. All of this back and forth on everything PS3 vs 360 related is BS to begin with. It's ashame that the gossip and mudslinging articles is what catches fire on most of sites and forums like this one.

For me personally this is one game I might actually purchase on both system just to have a wider audience to play against. I am sure both will be worthy of a purchase. Infinity Ward is excellent at what they do. COD3 was a great game and all but I didn't care for it half as much as COD2 which was made by IW.

aaquib24057d ago

Finally, 3rd party devs are squeezing power from PS3, while 360 can't go much further. It'll be fun seeing games in 2008 and 2009, when the devs realize the true power of PS3, and 360 is left in the dust. Not to mention the advantage of a Hard drive and Bluray player in every box.

Odion4057d ago

I am sorry what are you talking dude, he just confirmed what most thought, that these 2 shots were from different builds. He also confirmed that they'll look the same.

deepio4057d ago

There's just no getting through to some people...

marionz4057d ago

keep telling yourself that
i dont understand why sony fans kep saying ps3 is better at graphics, i like the ps3 too but its pretty obvious that the ram issue will forever haunt the ps3, i dnt give a damn what people say about the cell, with the memory restrictions of the ps3 it doesnt make it any better then the 360
time and time again the 360 shows top shelf graphics i mean look at bioshock!
im sure ps3 couldnt manage those textures and water, thats probably why it was pulled from that console

if in the future you proove to be correct that the ps3 is wayyy better please hit me up, ill be sure to say sorry

Kratos124057d ago

^^^^ drink some hot coffee. i think u r drunk. The graphics on BioShock are nothing compared to COD4 and KZ2. And COD4 already looks better on PS3 from the SS posted. But I will still believe the devs word saying they are from diff builds but I will not believe some retarded nutcase like you saying PS3 cant handle a last gen game like BioShock. Look at KZ2 and hit me up!!!

Russbomb4057d ago

I understand that you are saying that COD4 will be exactly the same on both consoles and that he is just some sony fanboy, but I do see that the devs are starting to understand the ps3 a little better and get over the redmond syndrom

solidt124057d ago

The game is still in the beta phase.

rubarb234057d ago

WTF? your calling bioshock a last gen game? i think you were drunk when you wrote that. go drink some coffee, relax, then comeback with a brain and some sense. fanboyism aside, give credit where credit is due dude. Bioshock is the sh!t. also, read before you post. the devs already confirmed that the screenshots of cod4 were taken from different builds of the game. They'll look the same.

on a side note - IMO, although cod 4 looks awesome, bioshock does look better visually. feel free to disagree, just my opinion.

DeadIIIRed4057d ago

The only reason that I disagree with you is because you really can't compare the two games. Bioshock has its own artistic styled graphics, but it still looks awesome I'll admit. However, COD4 went for a more realistic look and I'm sure will be identical on both systems, but maybe with a bit more on PS3 from what I can see in the pics (i.e extra power lines and little bs).

MoonDust4057d ago

and that day they might understand what the thread is about. Until then all they can do is switch names and agree with themselves. sad story...

rubarb234057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

bubble for you, good point made. they both have different artistic styles. although, for now bioshock's visual style has me most impressed.

Nemesis4057d ago

"but maybe with a bit more on PS3 from what I can see in the pics (i.e extra power lines and little bs)."

Please read the entire article before posting.

"The version of the level shown in the PS3 shot has been through one or two more detail passes than the one shown in the 360 shot."

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LOFT3164057d ago

not long to wait for this one its the ps3 version for me though