Hands-on With Halo 3's Singleplayer, Final Movie Maker

Kotaku just sat down and played a bit of the singleplayer campaign of Halo 3 and were able to spent some time with the game's final edition of movie maker.

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mighty_douche3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

hmmm, i was expecting a little more really, thought there'd be a few 'OMFG!!' or 'IT'S AMAZING WHEN....' not just oh well its just halo, nothing more, nothing less!

bit dissapointting.....

edit @ FreedomReign

yeah i was thinking that but generally ive always found Kotaku's reviews/blogs to be pretty spot on! and with regards to 'i liked it' i think both bungie and MS where hoping for a little more! i know i was... =(

FreedomReign3988d ago

The preview for Shadowrun was more impressive.

Maybe its the writer, maybe its the blog. Something is wrong with a Preview that sounds so apathetic. Oh ya, in the comments he says 'I liked it'.

Jaded bloggers RULE.

Daxx3988d ago

I'm looking forward to the saved films because I make machinima films for my clan and these tools would help me out a bunch.

Hatchetforce3988d ago

Is there any word on being able to export these videos to you PC, either through USB or Media Center?

mighty_douche3988d ago

im not sure there has been official word on this yet, but im sure thats something that they'd want to impliment! id like to know what type of format these videos are stored in, window media file perhaps...?

crazyman3988d ago

As far as I know its not possible becuase it doesnt save it as a movie it saves it as match data and then recreates it when you watch it.

Although they have said that you can send screenshots you take to yourPC via so maybe they will expand it one day.

Hatchetforce3988d ago

I know how the data saves and that is one of the reasons the file takes little space. I remember playing the beta and thinking, these movies are going to eat up my HDD. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.

But what I wanted to know was whether a compiler would be included that would allow the production of a movie that could then be exported in the form of a .wmv or .mpeg.

beavis4play3988d ago

this is what i've been saying. it's just another sci-fi shooter. more of the same. if you liked halo, you'll buy it, but it won't sell systems to brand new customers. if i had a 360, i'd be talking up Bioshock. great,new killer app with fantastic everything.(except that you don't have to worry about dying-that's lame)

Salvadore3988d ago

MS knows Halo will move systems... that's why they released a 360 Halo 3 edition.

Mr Murda3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

You think this game won't move systems to new consumers? Think twice.

Is Halo 3 going to be anything new? No, probably not, BUT it's still the 3rd installment of the largest grossing video game for the xbox, and holds the single day sales record for the entertainment industry. It's going to bring people to the 360, it's going to dominate the charts, and it's going to be a phenomenal game. It's almost a shame that a reviewer can look at Halo 3 with a "meh" attitude. The Halo series is solid....gameplay is great, controls are unmatched, multiplayer is unmatched, and the story is original. The only thing is that we're "used" to it, but I'm glad/proud that Bungie didn't try to do anything extreme with the series and risk ruining it. All Bungie has done with Halo 2 and now Halo 3 is BUILD on top of the first one, which is/was the right way to go.

We've seen those franchises that get tweaked to death and end up being a fraction of what the original game was, therefore losing what attracted us to it in the first place. I'm glad that Bungie isn't going down that road.

@ Mighty Douche

I was trying to express that it was the best selling game for the xbox and largest grossing. Comment considered and acted upon. I'm a fanboy of the Halo series, no denying, but check your tone before you go making me out to be a fanboy of any one console/publisher/developer. That's not the case, I'm multi-platform all the way. Obviously you're not.

mighty_douche3988d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

hmmm.. where did you get this from... "BUT it's still the 3rd installment of the largest grossing video game of all time" any evidence or is it just another fan-boy comment?

im pretty sure your talking ass...

edit... please dont change the contence of your comment to make my quote appear false because i managed to catch you out on your false information!

Honeal2g3988d ago

when you quote someone try doing it right "largest grossing video game of all time" ?? where do u see all time ? unless he edited it out your the retard ... and just watch the 360 sales soar out the building september 25/26th

mighty_douche3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

yes he has infact edited his original comment you tit. i copied and pasted the quote from his comment so please refrain from calling me a retard!!

and why the hell is everyone talking about selling more xbox's, this is a page for halo single player/video editing not about making bills pockets fuller.... topic people... topic

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