IGN: Pre-GC 2007: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Preview, New Images

In the run up to this year's Games Convention in Leipzig however, Eidos has tugged the rug from its trapdoor of secrets and popped out a brand new, never-before-seen level, just for IGN.

As you no doubt already know, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men tracks our mismatched duos exploits following their eleventh hour escape from Death Row, when shadowy organisation The 7 tasks Kane with finding the loot that mysteriously 'vanished' during a botched heist while he was still in the mercenaries' employ. In return for retrieving the valuables, The 7 promise to spare the lives of Kane's wife and children - and Lynch will reap the rewards too if he goes along for the ride. Picking up immediately after that bit of exposition, the new level IGN saw is actually the third in the game, detailing an attempted bank raid as Lynch returns to the hiding place of a mysterious briefcase, somehow connected to The 7's missing treasure.

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AngryHippo4019d ago

freaking cool...i like the story for this game, i hope the gameplay makes this game something special. Keeping an eye on this one.

MK_Red4019d ago

IS it just me or they totally upped the graphics from rather weak E3 version? It looks much better and cooler now. Good post. IO interactive rocks.