25 Reasons to get Gran Turismo 5

Here are the 25 reasons why everyone should get Gran Turismo 5:

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ironwolf4052d ago

You've got plenty of time to save up for it.

Bill Gates4052d ago

"Bill Gates" highly recomends it.

Silver3604052d ago

would be if you have a PS3 and like racing games it is the best one you will play on the PS3. Simple and that's all that needs to be said.

InMyOpinion4052d ago

Good one! Look at the fanboys posting pics and getting mad! You can't deny that it's not coming until 2009. Or can you? Polyphony announced it themselves so it's not like I'm making it up. To me it seems kinda early to post something like this at the moment. I mean it's 2 years from now...

Jamaicangmr4052d ago

IT's said by Mr. Yamauchi himself to be releasing July of Next year so where is this 09 talk comin from?

InMyOpinion4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

"Think GT5 is still awhiles off? Quit your thinking, it's not good for you. Stick to listening. Listen to Kazunori Yamauchi, for example, who reckons the game will be out in Japan by next summer. Around July-ish. Which if precedent is anything to go by (and it normally is, that's why they call it precedent), we can expect an American release by next Christmas and a PAL release in...what, 2009? And that's if everything goes according to plan. Which, it being Gran Turismo, it probably won't.
Gran Turismo 5 next July"

Jamaicangmr - Does'nt sound like you live in Japan, or do you? It won't hit Europe earlier than 2009, that's for sure.

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Violater4052d ago

I would have just written

"Its Gran Turismo x 25 "

AngryHippo4052d ago

i was going to say exactly the same thing

boi4052d ago

reason reason at all...u just get the all time greats!

AngryHippo4052d ago

it looks astounding....can't wait, i will definately own this title upon release

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