Disney dates Turok

Disney Interactive has announced that Turok, the first next-gen outing for its dinosaur hunting franchise, will be hitting European stores on February 8, 2008.

The game had been lined-up for an autumn release, but those hungry for some dino-fuelled action will now have to wait.

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RedSoakedSponge4017d ago

Are you serious? lol haha will Donald Duck be making an appearence? wtf? lol


emaddox844017d ago

Ha, I didn't realize Disney was behind this. That's kind of funny, sort of like how Pulp Fiction was indirectly made by Disney if I remember correctly.

Vip3r4017d ago

Has Disney really got anything to do with Turok?

Doctor Phil4017d ago

Here is game that really gets me going. How I just love the hole concept of giant dinosaurs vs. man. I so enjoyed King Kong, Jurasic Park, Lassie and other great movis like them. Can't wait to get my hands on this game. Oh great.