Criterion: Burnout Is In Our DNA "Criterion are best known for their Burnout franchise, but currently they're working on EA's Need for Speed franchise, with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit due out in a few months time.

With this being so, questions were raised about whether Criterion would return to the Burnout franchise, or just stick with Need for Speed. So, we asked Matt Webster, a Senior Producer at Criterion. "

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Hardedge2754d ago

Pretty sure Hot Pursuit's Burnout with the Need For Speed brand slapped on it :P Still looking forward to it though.

tails132754d ago

It's not. It lacks the crashes, car damage and race style that Burnout has. While HP will have some damage, it will be limited due to the cars being licensed.

Apart from the cops and robbers add on, Burnout also doesn't feature police chases.

mephman2754d ago

I'm really excited to see what they'll do next with Burnout. Paradise with a huge leap.

Sanrin2754d ago

I loved the hell out of Paradise, it was a ton of fun

bradlinho2754d ago

Gotta feel sorry for Gran Turismo - it's going to have to do something REALLY good to stay relevant.

raztad2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )


EDIT: BTW, there is something that surprised me about NFS:HP2. A difference of Burnout:Paradise game is 30fps.

Dunno about HP2 but Burnout:P lead platform was the PS3 with great results for both consoles. I was expecting that the more experienced Criterion had no problem making HP2 a 60fps game as well. Interestingly enough it didnt happen. HP2 is 30fps.

I read HP2 uses Deferred Lightning, present as well in KZ2. This tech has to be very taxating on the hardware. Every game that uses it only run at 30fps. The most recent example is Vanquish.

sdtarm2754d ago

both games cant even be compared cuz theres a huge difference btw them, both r and will be Excellent games, still i prefer Takedown over Paradise

Shadow Flare2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

When it came to actual online races and online road rage, burnout 3 takedown is by far my favourite. Paradise lost alot of the competitiveness in the online races and such by making it open world. And I personally think that taking cars down in burnout 3 worked better. In paradise you could slam into cars online all day and 9 times out of 10, it would be you that crashed and got taken out. That aside, paradise is amazing. The online challenges were what kept me playing for so long. Shame the online racing and road rage wasn't as good as B3.


rdgneoz32754d ago

Yep, they'll both be excellent games, but one is an arcade racer and the other is a racing simulator. I'll end up getting both most likely :P

ShawnCollier2754d ago

Hopefully they don't "burn" out of making them.

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