Dr. Phil Invited Me, Says Jack Thompson

Yesterday, GamePolitics reported that popular TV shrink Dr. Phil was planning to tape a video game violence episode, featuring a mysterious "game violence specialist" later this week.

Anti-game attorney Jack Thompson subsequently posted a comment to the story, claiming that he was initially invited to be a guest on the program:

"Dr. Phil's people called me last week, and at that point they were going to take the show in the direction of video game violence. They indicated they wanted me on the show.

I got a call yesterday, and they decided to take the show in a different direction, with the focus on role-playing game addiction. They have a girl who has that problem.

Look, I'm giving you the straight scoop here… Dr. Phil's people were very nice, very professional, and quite enthusiastic. Of course, Dr. Phil was spot-on after V-Tech…"

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MastaGT4020d ago

Ok...that is enough, i am seriously doing to beat down dr. whack, and jack...WTF are they trying to do? remove violent games from the market all together? JAJAJAA good face a whole array of lawers

ALI-G4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

George W Bush + Adolf Hitler rulling the world

EDIT: I think the next GTA should feature both of these [email protected]@holes in the main story where you can rape them ,cut their D1ck( if they have one)....

MACHone4020d ago

Both of them? At the same place? At the same time? I'll get my pipe bombs ready....

boi4020d ago

I just don't get it...leave the games to us gamers

and politics they can sort out...simple...

Vojkan4020d ago

ITs not that simple. More often we here or read "brother kills brother for game" ; "man kills child for game" and other BS.

Media lately has been full of this anti game propaganda. I do agree that some games are to violent, like Manhunt. That is to much, but when it comes to role playing and to that addiction...i mean what to they want from people? To take their freedom of choice? I dislike RPGs but if someone wants to waste his life playing WOW all day long, its fine by me. Better do that than go out drink every night, use drugs and than kill someone.

Playing RPGs and getting "addiction" is like smoking. You cant just go and say to someone "Hey i want you to stop smoking!" It is basic freedom of choice and only that person can decide and should decide when it is enough. Not some Dr.Phil and Jack guys that only heard of games, never actually played any, not even Tetris

FreedomReign4020d ago

WTF does Vtec have to do with Videogames. Is this guy def?

The shooter did not own or play any videogames at the time of the shooting.


MMO addiction. Lets start placing bets on what she looks like.

Salvadore4020d ago

These guys will be talking about one side of violence gaming and bring misleading information (especially from Jack).

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