Rumor: Metal Gear Online Already In Public Beta Testing? appears to think so. A small news story (about a third of way page in the link) containing a single paragraph explains:

"Metal Gear on-line down load immediately possible

16.08.07 - Konami published the beta version of on-line play Metal Gear on-line one in Japan, which can be downloaded by the beta testers immediately.

This concerns a closed beta test, which runs up to 03.09.07.
CLICK PICTURE (Metal Gear on-line one, Download of the beta version)"

Without being a Japanese beta tester I am unable to confirm this, but we could be seeing some new footage or hearing some new details very soon if this is the case

NOTICE: I know this site is in German, and I apoligise for not being able to use the translated version, but that link was already used in the 'Afrika to use touch sensitive mat' story (


An image of the XMB showing the beta program has appeared on the internet:

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boi4019d ago

I want in!!!

I never get in any PS3 beta's lol

oh well looks like I have to wait for the full versions to come out...

Mr_Kuwabara4019d ago

This is for Japan only anyways. We'll see if Kojima brings it to the states.

LOFT3164019d ago

become a jap for a day if you let me test it

MikeGdaGod4019d ago

im not in it and i get in all sony's betas ;>

jk.................well, not really