Japanese Love PS3, Hate Xbox 360 - Google Trends

According to the latest google trends, Xbox 360 was ahead of the PS3 for most of the season. And only recently PS3 seems to be catching up with XBox 360, as it is becoming more affordable and has more games.

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jromao3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

With time people gets better knowledge of PS3 features while at same time strong game titles are getting out, next 2/3 years we should see PS3 replacing good space PS2 owns now in gamer's home leaving other systems behind.

PS3's features like PSP connectivity, Video on Demand, very low failure rate, joined with new Home Service to be launched this October (as also PES 2008 and GT5 Prologue get out) will glue gamers on PS3 world as never before super boosting sales worldwide.

Japan is where gamers are well informed about PS3 and this upcoming features and games makes all the point when gamers look for a system.

I own one x360 too and its nice interface for users, but not very functional and not very open about 3th party hardware, PS3's hard drive is very easy to replace to any other compatible while x360 don't allow nothing else than hard drives supplied by MS.

PlayStation Network (PSN) is FREE while x360 Live is PAYED, here we have one big PLUS for Sony's PS3. Mixing all this with PS3 power and integrated Blu-Ray player, it's hard to PS3 NOT TO WIN.

MaximusPrime3991d ago

i laughed at the red ring of death console since PS3 launched in Japan. Im still laughing.

boi3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Don't laugh at the 360, its a good system but just not better then the PS3

PS3 will catch up to the 360 pretty soon as expected, from knowledge anyone who is not on 1 sided system choice knows that

Its a Playstation brand and plus games coming out with it being affordable then before, you can see the big change

EDIT: oh right sori there but I weren't angry or anything when saying that lol

MaximusPrime3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

im talking about Japan. PS3 is already ahead of xbox 360.

cloud3603991d ago

I cant wait for FFVII: AC Final Cut on blu-ray. it will take High Def quality t0 the limit

cloud3603991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

U know i use to own a wii and a 360 core. i traded both for an elite. i also own a ps3. 3/4 months ago i always thaught the ps3 would be better than the 360 once it has more games. i know 360 came out in 2005.

but people dont care, it has more games so it was smart to release it early. now the time is here its gonna get everything by 2008. i think ps3 will win VG war by 2010 if not, then 8

therodgester3991d ago

I would hardly say the sales support them 'lovin' the ps3 but they sure do with the wii and th ds

RadientFlux3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Doesn't bother me I find most japanese games to be uninteresting and sub par when it comes to elements that I enjoy in games like storyline, plot and gameplay.

Nope I am an old PC gamer and only reason I got back into console gaming is because the great game developers (pc game developers) started making games for consoles.

I prefer western RPGs, found most JRPGs to have same old save the world and save the princess storylines combine that with awful dialog and getting attacked every 5 steps. You have a mediocre gaming experience.

cloud3603991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Oh so your being sarcastic right. yeh u have to be. most games are made by Jap companies. and jap rpgs are better than crappy western rpg's like oblivion (which i never played)

power0919993991d ago

@ 5.1

You have not played Oblivion, but you call it crap?

Give it a good try when you get a chance. I stated playing it about 2 weeks ago, and have yet to put the game down. Granted I am playing on PC... but my god it's just a fantastic game.

The sheer scope of the game is just amazing.

You really should try it before you judge it so harshly.

Vertius3991d ago

Other than the incorrect assessment of Oblivion, he's got a point, of course. Japanese games put a much greater of emphasis on story than most western developers.

@RadientFlux: You obviously haven't played any of the Suikoden games, as well as many other quality story-based Japanese games. WRPGs are as confined by cliches as any JRPGs, such as the inclusion of elves and dwarves in many titles.

RadientFlux3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

@Vertius: I did say most JRPGs so while I think 80% of RPGs that come out of Japan are garbage there are still a few gems. The same goes WRPGs but if given the choice I would rather play a game like Planescape Torment then Final Fantasy 7.

I still disagree that Japanese developers but great emphasis on story but then it just my personal preference.

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