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Turn Your PlayStation Camera Into A 3D Scanner

The PlayStation Eye is fairly handy as a console camera, a PC webcam and even part of Sony's Move setup. But it's even handier as a 3D scanner.

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yewles12152d ago

Incoming tears of fanboys in 3... 2...

Christopher2152d ago

You can do this with practically any USB Camera.

Xelai2152d ago

Lets see how many rabid fanboys believe the idea is viable commercially or easy to implement in future games...

Cool concept, but it is a DIY tool for modelling and such stuff, not playing.

Trebius2152d ago

I could see how people would find this useful.

ChronoJoe2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )


^ It's Omega.

Just kidding. :P

The PS3 camera is pretty cool, lot of my clanmates use it to cast there gameplay. Obviously you have to hook it up to a PC though, and it is off-cam, but it's an easy way to cast if you don't wana buy all the gear.

fcpthebest2152d ago

1h and 22 min later 0... not enough numbers

They just dont appear

Otheros002152d ago

12 hours later ....-1....-2....-3.....-2....- 1....0....OVER 90000!!!!!!

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earbus2151d ago

must admit thats really nice

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