Molyneux: Mobile games are "clunky"

Peter Molyneux, head of development studio Lionhead, has told that he thinks that mobile games at the moment are, on the whole, "clunky."

"It's just very clunky at the moment, and every time I try and play a mobile game I end up wanting a PSP, or DS."

"It's down to some very simple things - these clicky buttons are useless for playing games, and it's down to some other stuff, display drivers and hardware chips obviously. But even if you had simple buttons that would help a lot."

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gEnKiE3988d ago

wow, i actually agree with him and usually i cant stand this guy because of his big headeness, but i cant stand mobile games and it seems it supposed to be the next best thing. i think ill stick with my ds...and soon a psp :)