Sega to announce PS3 and 360 Viking game at Leipzig?

According to listings on Gamestop, Viking: Battle of Asgard is in development for PS3 and Xbox 360 and is due to release early next year. The game's listed under the 'Action' category.

There are no further details - although what's the betting that big axes and even bigger beards are involved - but could we be hearing more about this at the Games Convention in Leipzig next week? Maybe. CVC is filing this in the rumor drawer for now.

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Bathyj4054d ago

Rage and Pillage. Time for some brigandage.

socomnick4054d ago

I thought they were making a next gen golden axe ? did sega cancel or something


lot of barbaric games coming out

hopefully one will prove worth playing
nothing beats brute strength and big ass swords