1,000 Ways to Kill in BioShock - Exclusive Trailer

No matter what your preferred style, with ten different plasmids, eight different weapons and three different ammo types for each weapon, the possibilities for combat customization are infinate..

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MastaGT3990d ago

Very well spoken 2K games =]
Look forward to this master piece

Ahhhh3990d ago

Amazing.. simply Amazing.

jay33990d ago

Yes, yes, i crapped myself at the beggining.

I totally agree with you guys. Amazing. Absolutely amazing game. I'm going to go as far to say...

This game, is ART!


socomnick3990d ago

did you all catch when he lit the bottle of liquor on fire and used it as a Molotov with telekinesis

gaffyh3990d ago

this vid is a it bigger, should be easier to watch

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