The Mexican 8-Bit Xbox 360-Looking Emulator

Kotaku reader, Erzengel spotted a NES emulator in a Mexican shopping mall that looks an Xbox 360:

"I was walking around a well known mexican mall (wich makes sense since im mexican), when i saw, in a 'serious' store, this pieces of... well, the pic says it all. Its a Xbox-like 8BITS videogame system. Yup, 8 bits, wich means NES quality games, in a shiny white box. Makes me kind of sad, many kids are gonna get this because their tech impaired parents wont be able to see the differences. In case you ask, the price is around US$28."

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bym051d4055d ago

Anyone want to place a bet on if the rip-off has a better failure rate?

Thanks folks, I'm here all week.

eXplotion4055d ago

microsoft attempt to compete with the Wii LOL

caffman4055d ago

for some idiot to make a RROD joke.


I'm too late writing this

bym051d4055d ago

So a company has to write-off over $1B in repair expenses and you think people shouldn't make jokes about it? In a thread that obviously has humor potential?

ShiftyLookingCow4055d ago

X Game 360 looks like it will show 2 Eyes of Death. Powerstation 2! haha I wonder what processor Powerstation 3 will use. Its probably the Sell processor

bootsielon4055d ago

That's probably chinese or american but only sold in 3rd world countries.

Check the box, why would a mexican product be in english?

boi4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

lol hahah

I remember the gameboy rip off like about 12 years back called a gamechild lol

the cartridge insert is for the AA battery insert lol but I got one lol

how i remember owning a master system 2 aswell and then a mega drive...the good days...but then my cousin got a snes came out and everyone was round my cousins to play Street Fighter...was the most played game on the snes for us and then bomberman comes right after....

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