GameSpot: Halo 3 Updated Impressions - Multiplayer

Microsoft held a major Halo 3 media event in Sydney, Australia, today, with some of the developers from Bungie Studios also making the trek to show Aussie journos the latest on the upcoming shooter. As well as featuring the single-player build demoed at this year's E3, the Bungie boys also decided to unveil some oft-rumoured elements in Halo 3, such as new vehicles and multiplayer maps -- including the fabled Elephant, a gigantic mobile base big enough to take a Scorpion tank (plus a few other vehicles) for a ride.

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FreedomReign3632d ago

Do they actually expect us to drive that Elephant around though? Would be cool, but Bungie has a history of putting in vehicles that they never let you drive.

i.e. Phantom.

boi3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

awww the Phantom I want it soo much lol

lol i doubt the elephant makes it into the muilti but if it does damn I would love it

EDIT: oh right ok...kool then here comes...

crazyman3632d ago

did you actualy read it, it says the elephant is only in multiplayer.

Also I think they have said its drivable a while ago but I could be mistaken.

Odion3632d ago

sounds cool but nothing new so far