Tomb Raider on Wii - first footage

First gameplay footage from the Wii version of Tomb Raider: Anniversary forms part of a two-and-a-half minute movie looking at this iteration of Lara Croft's adventure.

The in-game action is accompanied by words from the game's senior producer Morgan Gray, and you're shown how the Tomb Raider experience has been adapted to make use of the Wii controls. "With the Wii, we've actually been able to add more tomb raider to Tomb Raider", says Gray.

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Odiah3933d ago

Yeah man, but of a good game that's actually rather recent.

ITR3933d ago

Not really a port when you consider the makers even say this is the definitive version of the game.

The same was said about Scarface for the Wii.

Basically the Wii gets directors cut versions of games..more or less.

ItsDubC3933d ago

I remember reading somewhere that the Wii version will have close to 3 hours more gameplay than the other versions. Obviously it also makes heavy use of the Wii remote to uncover clues, and uses the Wii remote for action sequences like in RE4: Wii Edition. Seems like less of a port than say Prince of Persia.

jigaman3933d ago

Good point ItsDubC. Based the what the dev was saying and what the video was showing this game is getting alot of new additions that make the game more immersive and fun. As they said the "definitive" version. It's alomst a new game with the new interactions. Apparently before it was just lever pulling and button pressing versus archaeological puzzles and such. Very cool. Like the RE1 remake.