IGN: Warmonger Hands-On - The latest experiment in physics acceleration

Many looking to buy a new computer find themselves confronted with a different kind of hardware decision: should you buy a physics card? This has been around for some time now, but more and more games seem to be incorporating the cards in to their game design. Some, like Net Devil, are designing games that actually require the card, the Ageia PhysX card, to run the game. The question remains, is it worth it? The answer depends largely on the quality and advantages of the games available.

Producer Chris Sherland from Net Devil stopped by IGN's office to show off Warmonger, an online first-person shooter that makes heavy use of, and therefore requires, a PhysX card. Like Cell Factor, released earlier this year, Warmonger is going to be free of charge. It seemed more of like an example of what's possible with PhysX than a full game, something Sherland even admitted to. But it's free, so who really cares.

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