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Submitted by hella whip 3028d ago | news

EU Store update

"Slim pickings again, sadly, but here's what's due on the PSN today:"

- Armored Core 4 - Demo
- Heavenly Sword - Next instalment of the 'making of' and 'animation' videos. (PS3)

The Swordsman  +   3028d ago
Poor, really. Are they ever going to put those removed PlayStation One games back up?
hella whip  +   3028d ago
I'm just hoping they're saving all the good stuff for next week as its the Leipzig convention, So we should get at least a bunch of new videos and possibly a few demoes and PSN games.
Shadow Flare  +   3028d ago
There was nothing even wrong with Crash Bandicoot 2 so that should've come back on a while ago
rev20  +   3028d ago
absolute crap, i have a feeling this will be the way of things untill home is released, because lets be honest thats what the whole future of psn is based on.

AngryHippo  +   3028d ago
the store really poor. It needs more of everything, demos, trailers the lot. No decent new things ever seem to be added apart from the HS demo which was great fun, apart from that, its offering absolutely squat. Since they have a lot of high quality titles exclusive to the ps3, they should use the store to show new trailers of them, development diaries, so that ps3 owners are able to see how things are coming along with the game and showing new gameplay footage frequently.

EDIT : Rev20, i totally agree, i dont think that much will change until Home, lets hope they offer better updates for that than they do the store

EDIT : @Hella Whip, i hope your right, that would be great news, what dates is this Leipzig convention on?
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WilliamRLBaker  +   3028d ago
they're just now geting the AC4 demo? that game was released.....months ago..
boi  +   3028d ago
Actually the Europe ps store is very can get the AC4 demo on the US one or was it the Jap one lol ...

but anyway im busy playing games online on th eps3 to really bothered about the ps store atm
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Vip3r  +   3028d ago
ShiftyLookingCow  +   3028d ago
where is Ratchet and Clank demo? Is there some kind of certification process or is this a marketing strategy?

[edit] for some reason I thought Sony cared more about Europe other than price. I dont really worry about AC4 demo, its just that Ratchet demo is finished since sometime ago and its not released. I guess they will release it one month before the game.
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boi  +   3028d ago
I say both
techie  +   3028d ago
Or you remember this is the EURO update (always lame)

ps. AC4 has only just been released in Europe, so get over it!
hendyman  +   3028d ago
I need more playable demos
Why ..... why we dont get more playable demos? WHYYYYYYYY
mcgrawgamer  +   3028d ago
i never understood why sony or msoft for that matter only released region specific updates, downloads, demo's, etc,. How difficult would it be to have the same content worldwide?
Violater  +   3028d ago
Each Region
Has it's own policy, schedule and manpower.
Violater  +   3028d ago
Nothing to see here
Move along move along.
Come back next week this time we will be overloaded with content from Leipzig.
Hopefully there will be some surprises.
Jen5en  +   3028d ago
The Armored Core 4 demo has been available for ages on the US Store, oh and it did suck tremendously if you ask me. Adding it for the EU Store half a year later seems a bit half-assed to me; it's as if they completely forgot that they actually had to make weekly updates for that sad excuse for a download service, so they just opened the dusty chest in the attic and found an old Armored Core 4 LP.

Luckily, most of us have already learned that we can have access to the content on both the US and EU Store by having two accounts, so I'm looking forward to see what content they get across the atlantic.
Shadow Flare  +   3028d ago
HateBoy  +   3028d ago
Man this is pathetic, every fakking week hoping to get something and NADA. At least I can get some demos n stuff with my american and japanese profile. I was really looking forward to this update too cause I was suuuure we'd get something (all of us, not just eu) but hey, fakk it.
Alvadr  +   3028d ago
Another sad week. Amoured core has to be one of the worst games on the PS3, the demo is awful, really naff graphics and the framerate constantly drops.
Double-Edged  +   3028d ago
PS3 is really really really..............pathetic
Ps3Fanboy777  +   3028d ago
The fact that you took time out of your life to say that...

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