Call Of Duty 4: PS3 vs 360 Screenshot Comparison

With accusations of the 360 version of COD4 displaying better than the PS3 version we were all dismissed when an Infinity Ward developer confirmed that the two would be identical. But now COD4Forums takes a look at a screenshot comparison that shows a distinct difference in the two.

Images after the jump.


Infinity Ward

"The version of the level shown in the PS3 shot has been through one or two more detail passes than the one shown in the 360 shot. That said, all levels (single player and multi) use identical geometry and textures across all platforms. If nothing else, the shots show an interesting look at the evolution of a level."

Please go to to see Infinity Ward's respons to these COD 4 PS3 and Xbox 360 Comparison.

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xhi43988d ago

A MASSIVE DIFFERENCE! I wouldnt have ever thought it! The ps3 version has SOOOOO much more detail!! Lighting is better. For instance, in the closer look look at the fence, look at the windows, the powerlines, the signs, the railings, doors, the background buildings, the trees (the lack of in the 360 version), the detail on the walls............OMG!! No wonder the developers of COD4 were having a nut and responded to the 'doubts of the ps3' so positively. WOW.

I thought itd be better on the 360 version but WOW IM GETTIN DIS ON MA PS3 NOT MA 360 DAYUMMMMMMMMM

Dareaver13988d ago

The builds are at two different levels in development. Even for the people saying that the 360 version is better, they are at two different build levels. The developers said that both games are going to be identical (does anyone know what identical means). The second picture you can see added detail to the ps3 shot vs. the 360 shot. I'm sorry but the developers are not known for lying so all these sony supporter groups all you are doing is hurting this site, and it shows that you have no faith in sony's console since you have to make up news for it.

I'm sorry but that is how i see it, and i know i'll have a whole bunch of disagrees, but for all the supporters of sony's console, have faith in your console. How does this make you look? It is a shame, all this proves is that some of you fanboys are so caught up in this fake console war that you are willing to post anything to think that your helping your console. That is sad, and i don't think sony needs any help, especially help like this that reaches so far as to compare screenshots from different builds. That is truly sad.

I think the PS3 deserves far more credit than this. Both consoles are great and will have great games, but please stop making stuff up. That just hurts the respective image of your console, that goes for XBox 360 supporters too, but i see that happening a lot less on this site from that side.

Game on people!

MoonDust3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Try comparing when the game is out. Compering different build of a beta is funny. Look at the tree in the background, it's not even the same tree.

TheXgamerLive3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

As the person Dareaver1 above me stated, these shots are of different stages, but even w/that said I still like how the 360 version is coming along better. But the windows haven't even been added yet in the 360 version is it's as said in the article 2 passes behind in production in this pic.

Somebody did this to try to start a flame war again, but since it's 2 different phases in development, there's no room for flaming here.

3988d ago
Foliage3987d ago

And the retard award goes to:

Playstation is DEAD:
"the PS3 Version Sucks!!! have a Fun Time playing in yellow World, FUC*IN RETARDS"

I guess you won't play this game on your xbox when it is colour corrected to the proper yellow tint. Xbots like you give the decent Xbox users a bad name.

nasim3987d ago

Look at the buildings/windows and everything on x360.

so jagged and messed up.

COD 4 team is up ahead on ps3/PC .

They are having difficulties with the x360 version where they have to constantly downgrade the graphics.

GARBAGE BOX 360 is a true S***
low powered and 100% defective

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krackchap3988d ago

there is much more detail in the ps3 version,dunno if the 360 shots from an old build ,but the lighting makes it look like 2 different games.
thank god IW confirmed PS3 version was running at 60fps else xbots would have started jumping around and saying that the ps3 version would have 30fps especially after the extra details in the ps3 version.

V2oom3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

The shadows under the car on the 360 version are better.
The trees are in the PS3 are not the same as the ones in the 360 version. You can just make out a plam tree in the 360.

They look like different times of day.

Its hard to say which one is best.

xhi43988d ago

serious? Im not a ps3 fanboy or netin, i own both consoles (cliche haha) but i was seriously thinkin thisd be another EA game where itd just be another crap port so i preorderd it for ma 360. But theyve built each one from the scratch up.

Look at the fence, look at the windows, the powerlines, the signs, the railings, doors, the background buildings, the trees (the lack of in the 360 version), the detail on the walls just to name a few. There is a MASSIVE difference mate, like MASSIVE like wow wheres it gone kinda massive. Just look at the close up pics and youll notice the difference.

WilliamRLBaker3988d ago

looks better, details, shadows...ect look better.

Both pictures are different, and therefor one cannot get a good comparison, the only difference i see is some windows, power lines, and a tree missing, but you can see a tree in the distance on the 360 pic so that means nothing really.

chelcho3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

You are blind xbot. PS3 picture looks a way better but this can be a fake - difference is too big IMHO

540damn3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

more detail? are you an idiot? you looking at the same pictures right? top is 360 bottom is ps3? i think you would call all that extra stuff in the ps3 pictures DETAIL you dumb mutherf*cker. Take your head out Bill Gates' ass and wipe it clean of that bullsh*t.

Delive3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

The PS3 pic looks better. 1 for 1, 360 is missing Windows on the right building, middle building upstails windows are just holes, power lines as hardly visible. My guess. The 360 pick is from an Early build before these things were added. I'm glad the PS3 version looks so good, but I can't imagine the 360 version missing so much detail.

s8anicslayer3988d ago

your fanboyism has you blinded as well as any other xbot! clearly the ps3 version is the better version, why would they compare an old build 60 version against a new ps3 version?

San anto3987d ago

now thats some funny Sh!t shows how an xbot can truly be blinded with M$ c0Ck lol!! read the update idiot the ps3 version has more detail, because its a different build yet u still think the 360 version is better.

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marcellizot3988d ago

Notice in the 360 image the pre beta sign is part of the in game display wheras on the PS3 version it has been pasted on top of the shot.


My guess is that these are from very different builds of the game, the difference is just too big and it is clear that some of the tectures haven't even been added yet on some of the buildings in the 360 shot.

Watkins3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

I just can't believe the difference actually is this big. Never before have "we" gotten a good port of a 360 game, and I doubt this will be the case with CoD4 (well, if it's equal on both machines, I'm satisfied). I HAVE to think that this is two very different builds. I'm all in for the PS3, but this is just too good to be true?

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