Wacky BioShock Glitch

And you thought the lighting bolts were impressive! There's a glitch in the BioShock demo that lets players jump through glass and walk underwater. Does anyone know if this is in the final version or just a demo glitch?

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ShiftyLookingCow3986d ago

damn you cant play with the whale

Lakuspakus3986d ago

So they found a way to walk on the outside of one wall on one building.
Not really special at all.
Not reeally any fun either, come back when you find a glitch that allows us to move whereever we want.

Hell, if that counts as a glitch, den i have found half a dozen that is tons better in my last games.

gano3986d ago

i could swim with the dolphins, the soft and gentle dolphins. "sigh"

solidt123986d ago

This is a good glitch but Im hoping for one that will let you fly out the window like superman and explore rapture.

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The story is too old to be commented.